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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

kena tagged for real!

LOL. just tagged annie dear last night, mana tao already kena tag back xD
so here it is ;P

Real Name: clara chong
Nickname: catty, miaomie, miaomiao, cat, 老cat, baby, zutzut and list goes on...
Married: nops ==
Male/Female: female
High school: sabah tshung tsin secondary school :D
College: the one academy @ sunway
Are You A Healthy Freak?: definitely not ;P
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: yes. my baby xD
Do You Like Yourself?: why not?

Surgery: what kind of surgery? minor counts? my toe had one xD
Person You See In The Morning: hunnypie!
Award: a lot...during primary school times xD
Sport You Join: swimming, cycling, ice skating or something else related to the water xD
Vacation: nop :( and thats pretty sad D:
Concert: NONE! so effing sad can?
Drink: apple juice and plain water at the mean time :D

I'm About To: sleep.

Your future..
Want Kids: maybe.
Want To Get Married: few more years when we're both financially, mentally and physically stable.
Careers In Mind: either a vet or a designer :D

Which is better?
Lips Or Eyes?: both!! i pay much more attention to both of these.
Hugs Or Kisses?: both too ;P im a greedy person.
Shorter Or Taller?: taller of course D: always been teased as a shortie :/
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: i might want a lil bit from both xD extreme is a nono.
Sensitive Or Loud?: sensitive please D:
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: neither one :/

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: i wont prolly do that :/
Drank Bubbles: 0_0 thats practically weird aint it?
Lost Glasses / Contacts: erm nearly for my contacts but ive saved it! :D
Ran Away From Home: nah, aint that irrational yet xD
Liked Someone Younger: not really :/ im not into younger guys :D
Broke someone's heart: yes, alot of times xD
Been arrested: nop. not at the moment. but when i do, ull get to see me on the newspapers :D
Cried when someone died: yes, friends and family members.. even pets :(

Do you believe in..
Yourself: not always D:
Miracles: yes they do happen!
Magic: i conclude them as black magic! something i shouldnt be touching at :/
Angels: definitely!

Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: yes, someone and God.

Tag 5 ppl:
nik hun, neenee bear, daowen, chercher and reann dear :D