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Sunday, April 06, 2008

三国 The Three Kingdoms

watched the Three Kingdoms · 三国 at pavillion yesterday.
went there to meet my darling yien and mengadas kay.

the art directions was good. storyline was okay though. can learn alot of histories kay!

examples like how 关羽,张飞,赵云 dies and stuffs.
how 3 kingdoms(魏,蜀,吴) become 1.
how the clever 诸葛亮 gives excellent war strategies.
how 曹操 and 曹婴 rule their army (they're cruel i say.)

the poster is nice kays. i love the color mood and so.



赵云·赵子龙 乃 五虎之一。

my special fav screenshot. maggie Q as 曹婴 playing 琵琶。