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Sunday, April 27, 2008

paktor-dayout xD

have to find time to paktor also ma.
everyday hide at home also a problem liao ==

everyday sleep, makan/no makan at all, game, movies, games, more games, psp games, comp games, online games, movies, more movies and moremore movies.


holidays time to relax but still having this annoying flu and cough which bothers me sooooo much.

suddenly felt a lil bit too empty while doing nothing ==

kinda like an after-reaction-thingy after all those busy months and days hmpf :(
which is not good in a way D:

oh well, went to watch the Forbidden Kingdom starred by both kungfu masters Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Double J.
means double kickass?

anyway, the storyline was uhm, so-so. but the art direction is good as usual (they dumped in alot of money to produce it wey, so the art direction should be nice larh for God's sake ==)

having two awesome kungfu masters in one movie, of course larh the actions were terrific what. so basically its all above punching and kicking but luckily it also involves the more 'ancient' type of kungfus which we dont really see nowadays.
praying mantis, tiger claw, drunken kungfu, crane, eagle blablablabla.

and as usual,
awesome posters.
terrific typos.

two words,

see, nice right? lovely lighting, typos and mood.

another great poster.

well, i like their individual posters also. suits with their characteristics (in the movie) and the theme.

thats the way to produce great posters what.
looks tasty also LOL. (but please dont eat the posters :P)

jackie chan as the drunken immortal.

and jet li as the silent monk.

this new guy here - michael angarano (whos lucky to star in jackiechan & jetli's movie) as the traveler.

and pretty liuyi fei who once starred in stephen chow's kungfu movie years back as the orphan warrior. seriously shes soooo prettyyyyy.

and li bingbing as the white haired assassin aka 白发魔女 lol. shes cool though, but not after showing how she use her hair == kinda stupid in the ending part.

and wow! i didnt expect collin chou to star in this movie as the jade warlord LOL. oh well, he suits this character so much because he always act as an evil/villain part in most of the movies he played.

and w00t! i found the poster for korea == LOL nice though, even they kinda squeezed everything inside :/

enough with the movies.

so after the movies, went to BBQ to have our dinner.

and then after dinner sure must walkwalk sikit ma.

but... saw mcd lol.

- had plain sundae since we're bloody full already :/

and yes,

long time didnt take pictures together d what :(

me and baby. and uhm, sundae cone.
and uhm, accidentally cropped baby D:

so this time take nicer one.
D: but cropped myself.

mengada sheesh.
not gonna vain with him again :(