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Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's all about creativity.

When it comes to sex education, seems that most of the young people nowadays are 50% shy to talk about it publicly, while more than 50% will have the curiosity to know about it.

But when the society wants to eventually talk more about it, there will be obstacles that somehow appear from no where and people will go hu-ha about it.

People nowadays still don't really practice things that call safe sex.
They'll have reasons to say that:
- i'm too shy to buy condoms.
- i'm far from places that sells (though 7-11 is like everywhere.)
- condoms tipu one la. wear or not wear, there's still chance of getting pregnant what.
or even,
- in the mood what, suddenly wanna go out buy condom, so potong steam eh!

and what more, that all the condoms selling throughout the market, always have their bigbig logo on the box, makes people more shy to go buy (u know typical malaysian how they act la, want do but dont dare to buy condom. really makes people roflmao.)

so, this certain brand of condom, actually breaks out of the box!

Introducing you to the new, stylish and young looking Urban Condom!

LoveBox by Copenhagen

the outlook.
it's a mini squar-ish metal box. though the shape doesn't show much difference from normal condom boxes, but, the material and design is totally different from normal ones.

pardon me, if you think this is a boring design. look below for more pictures.

the introduction leaflet in the mini metal box.

*click the picture to get to read the words if you want to.*
more introductions.

they appear to have 3 series. this is the first one - Funky Impression.
- the text appeared in the leaflet mentioned that this following designs are designed for fashion conscious people who look for maximum sensitivity during love-making.
aint this something sweet? they dont only care about the inner, but also the outlook :D

plus, the series shows the difference of the inner too.
Funky Impression condoms are shaped, extra thin condoms with additional lubricant. so it'll bring maximum sensitivity and smoothness!

more designs from Funky Impression's series.

while this is the second series - Urban Freedom.
this series is designed for modern and liberated people who look for maximum security and safety during love-making.

the condoms on its own?
extra thick condoms with additional lubricant to ensure maximum safety. full sensation during love-making with the added benefit or reassurance.

(LOL suitable for people who thinks they have really 'energetic' or 'hyperactive' sperms' roflmao.)

more designs from Urban Freedom series.

3rd series - Energetic sensation.
These are designed for stylish people who are fun-seeking and experimental, and those who look for extra stimulation during love-making.

they are shaped, ribbed and dotted condoms with lubricant. extra stimulation for both him(shaped) and her(ribbed and dotted).

w00t! i guess people who's more kinkeh would go for this ey? xD

the designs. does look quite energetic though.

LOL they even have manual leaflets that teach you how to wear a condom! (if you're a first timer roflmao).

the inner.

w00t! even the condom's packaging also got nice designs kay? and they're very alert to put all the how-to-wear-a-condom-manual every so that you wont wear it incorrectly *roflmao*

and you know what?

you can even use it like that too.


this is all about 'global warming' and not to waste more resources!! recycle minded ley xD

OKAY. enough of craps.

i actually bought it because i'm simply in love with the packaging design. mind you, i'm a graphic & advertising designer-wannabe, thats why pweety packaging designs really catches my eye xD

eh but really, i think this design rocks.
it somehow makes people who dont even think of buying condoms end up BUYING IT!
thats how it works baybeh!

we designers actually dont make people buy their necessities, but to make them WANT MORE and create curiosity at the same time - end up educating them something also larh xD

see! my pweety box! i'm so going to use it as contact lens box!

and i end up having 3 free extra thick condoms. if anyone need any, let me know kays? i dont mind giving it for free behehehe xD

my pweetyyyyyyyy love-box!!!! :D