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Friday, March 07, 2008


lately deviantart@dA had been so effing stupid, that it doesnt allow me to get subscribe, no matter how many types of credit cards i use, or whatever types of way i try to get myself subscribe!

thats not the big matter,
but, after times and times of getting unapproved, i submitted times and times of help request to get help from their management!
and guess what i got from them?


not a single word replied, not a freaking note/message or even EMAIL regarding on the unapproval.

at least they could let me know WHAT is the problem, WHY i got rejected and so-forth. but, all i get was ignorance. TSK!

so effing pissed and angry on their services. got money also dont wanna earn! ffffing website.

am so gonna quit dA if they dont do anything about it!

imagine that you have 6k+ of deviations and 3k+ messages that you need to go through WITHOUT the effin' subscription service! ffffing torturing can?!?!

@(*$^(@*&%(*@#@)(@$*)@(% screw dA!