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Sunday, March 30, 2008

get pimped!!

i've been pimping my stuffs lately ;P
bought swarovski crystals to pimp it xD

so dont u eva try to steal my babies kay?!

i'll chop off ur hand if ya do that! GAH D:

my baby samsung d600 :3

i've been using it for years d. thats why i loveLOVE it so much!

my cuty ipod :3

a present from my baby what. must appreciate nicenice kays?
and looks so pweety with all the blingy crystals!!!

baby's psp *shhh~ keep it as a secret*

i actually pimped it. xD

baby knew it la. he asked me to do that also behehe because its so pweety after pimping it :3

mwar~ i love all of em behehe.