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Saturday, March 01, 2008


'quel re. nae saian luume'. sut naa lle umien sina re? aa' lasser en lle coia orn n' omenta gurtha.

*if you wanna know what it means, do ask me behehe*

eventually i passed my birthday in a, uhm, quite funny way this year. it was just plain bored and nothing special behehe.

but had a very special surprise from my hunnybunnies xD first time got people celebrate my birthday at mamak kay! so funny, special and abit embarassing behehe because so many people at there dey ;P

got some pictures snapped by pukwong xD


and and i got a red hot handbag from all of em! so manyak thanks to all of the hunnybunnies kays! xD jiji, neenee, nikiee hun, kulukulu laogong, hamsap daowen, jv, elroy, bobo, pukwong, victor, brian, trung, sam~~ i love u guys behehe :3 so sweet kays :3
*and the bag not cheap kays! uhm, how did i know? neenee so stupid mengada and she accidentally spilt it out xD*

my bday cake behehe.

so sweet right? :D

mommy dearest gave me alot of stuffs.
fossil watch
topshop bag
my awesome ankle boots
and lots lots love!

my hunny sista gave me a gold lion. *behehe only we both know whats that*

my mengada bro?
wishes dey hmpf :( so mengada.

my hunnypie gave me the pair of awesome guess heels.
super love!
and belanja me chillis mushroom jack fajitas behehe.

not forgetting that baby gave me a bday kiss. see?

i love most xD