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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


tsk! i finally had my house streamyx up again,
thanks to them, i had phone them for like times to complain and being so baggy about that.

parents coming over later (evening) hmpf.
should i be tidying up the house instead? (or do they even bother anymore bahaha)

someones being such a crazy bitch and she didnt even realise! so ffffing pathetic. 30+yr old bullying a 20 yr old. shameeeeeeee tsk! oh well, at least people around realise that roflmao. and that serves her right i guess.

so tired and im so lazy nowadays. dont even wanna touch on any on my manips and thats freaking sad. how i wish i could just quit my game hmpf :(

p/s: lately had been listening to LOTR songs only. eventually fell in love with it AGAIN (though it had been like, countless times) anymore lotr fans out there? come go obsessed and addicted with the movie again bahaha (so evil suddenly and iono why)

- tsk, the 'iono' word i learn from hun kays. she taught me that. iono = i dont know bahaha. so nice punya shortform ms. w-olf.