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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


'Quel undome melloneamin.

must say thank u to all the ones who had wish me for my birthday :3 all of u have been so super sweet eeks! *smooches*

diola lle lirimaerea~

didnt had much celebration for today since tomorrow's freaking kins lees class presentation, HMPF hate. so everyone would be busy and i would be busy too. just hope that everything will go well tomorrow :D
*tsk! its not in my birthday wish list behehe~ since its such a waste of space xD*

and so boring for the whole day wanna wait my baby finish his work and then i can continue on mine :( and i want mushroom jack fajitas *maybe* tonight :D
*im so sorry hunny but im so gonna have it again behehe! dont kill me for that kays?*

so, HUGS and KISSES for everyone!


Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna'lye omentuva.

*please let me write as much elvish as i can, i cant stop loving their beautiful language gah!*