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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Doggie day!

Sorry for the recent slacking and not updating ;P

wanna update on the previous month event during the 20th of January 2008, K9 (Canine) Day which was held at Bandar Utama park :D

gathered with friends (doggy friends lol, Yenlu, Kalvin, Sinv, Jason, etc etc. and too bad Annie dear, Jen girl and Yang wasn't there :( HMPF.)

took my D80 there, snap some pictures.
and that day was bloody hot. GAH D: all of us eventually sweat nonstop and the dogs drooled nonstop roflmao.


copper baby in the car.

a gorgeous Labrador Retriever *love*love*

xunxun cutie and her daddy.

random bulldog. (with freaking long tongue)

st. bernard. freaking huge but still cute! :D

kalvin's luilui in her pink bunneh suit. still as cute as usual xD and she's drooling badly lol.

kalvin's pretty xD can u see her beard's all wet?

copper baby. (tsk, someones taking picture of my baby at the back)

lol a cute chiwawa?

freaking handsome husky.

jack russel.


copper baby again.

a "mini" mini schnauzer.

lol can see how mini it is? xD

mini pinscher or pincher i forgot lol.

random dog.

lol him/her again.

luilui dear drooling so badly.

copper baby. dont u love him more?

toro boy :D

toro boy again. first time at the event lol :D

pretty also drooling badly.

random terrier (i think. it somehow looks mixed @.@)

luilui and pretty.

she's such a poser xD know how to pose alot and damn cute.

kalvin's family :D sweet aint they?

stay tune for more updates :P

oh, and Happy Valentine's too!