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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

back :D

Happy New Year everyone!! Eventually have been quite busy since new term just started not long ago and there's alot of things to settle with. And New Year/2008's Resolutions?


No idea xD

There seems to be a whole lot of things to plan with but things are just pushing me to a corner and i've been having quite sleepless nights of thinking stuffs.



BTW, updates.
Had been busy when I was back at Sabah, everyday's routine is - work, work, work, go home, work, work, go out for drinks or gatherings, home, work again, finally game time a bit, sleep.

There goes the next day D: Havent got really much time to breath when I was back there because my house's having renovations and stuffs, lots of things to be done and plan, lots of stuffs to clear since it's year end... uhm, maybe i should stop thinking about it. Had enough.

So, start with this update first. When for photoshooting during Christmas day, 25th since it was public holiday but this guy here seems not to let me sleep longer though it's my only day that i could sleep longer! so mean right? *sighs*

We went to our nearest beach side, Tanjung Aru (where we've been hanging out since like, kid?)

No model la, Yvonne got into an accident the night before, so we ran out of models (with boobs one - ah lai said he must shoot people with boobs! so mengada right?)

In the end, our only choice..Howard lorh.. xD

Now we present, our Model - Howard Ng! aka Kei kei aka Ah Giu.

Ah giu. (d0g dog dog dog dog dog dog) xD

He insisted to have the *girl taking a scarf running beside the beach* but he never thought that he was a guy.

And then he started running towards me. *looks freakingly crazy so i ran away*

And the poser photographer. very mengada.

and then he starts posing with a, uhm, reflector? *swt*

i shoot you, you shoot me.

he looks quite emo but cool right?

NOT after seeing this.

dang, right?

He wants to..uhm, shit there.

He say he misses his gf.

*went speechless*

photographers are gay ar?


act cute..*vomits*

after that, we got bored of snapping pictures of the beach side, beach and stuffs. so we went to Yayasan Sabah and snap snap again.

AND I MANAGE TO SEE BEAUTIFUL MOSS all over on the floor!!

see, the colour's beautiful right?! i damn love the place because it looks all so magical as if you're in a magical forest there..

it spreads all over..

Lovely moss :D I've never seen such beautiful moss.

and those trees that always appears in magical myths or movies! love em!

but this guy here, eventually spoil the mood. TSK!

and we went further abit,

he wants to JUMP again. with his camera in hand.

after that, we left, went to have McDs..
and i BUGGER tham to send me home xD

more updates soon ``.