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Monday, December 17, 2007

new comers!

Quite a lot of new stuffs after coming back :D

New lappie, new puppy, new kitties. but i still miss Copper desperately :(

Meet my new Dell Inspiron 1420 :D It's in Ruby Red and I love it to bits! *plus i'm using it to update my blog now xD

sleek and shexy right? xD

and w00t! someone's steppin' on mua new lappie! GAH D:

HMPF. mengada.

and miss Meeko to bits :D
da Queen!

uhm, da slave. LOL.
Jadey dear :3

posey alot. mengada dog xD

and our new family member!
Goldy baby aka Goldilocks :D she's a Labrador mixed with Doberman :) she's only 2 months old but she's as huge as Jade already @.@ can't imagine how big will she go when she's totally grown up.

ain't she's cute?

sharing the bed with Jadey lol.

and later, conquering it ROFLMAO.

da Queen is fed up with the 'immigrants' lol.

Both new kitties to replace Emerald's place :( we all miss Emerald badly, *sighs*.

Zis is Charlie :)
he has the Hitler's moustache ROTFLOL.

Suitty :) He looks like as if he's wearing a suit :D

More updates soon! :D But life's gettin' busy :(

Someone, SAVE MUA!