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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hols Day 4.

It's Sunday and everyone should be sleeping and lazing around the bed, or bringing their dogs or kids to the park to have some picnic fun.



It's our stupid bear aka The Return of NeeNee Queen's birthday LOL.

went to Neway to sing K :D


the birthday girl with mua. kissieeeee as birthday pressie? xD

neko, kuma and usagi xD animals family HMPF :D

xiao bobo with xiao bao bao xD

weee i purposely cropped her xD (so mean larh me ;P)

fuuddddd!! (tasted real bad D: redbox one rocks more)

someone acting cute again D:

being vain.

vain again xD

later, went to KTZ located at Rainforest section in OU New wing.

birthday girl with her birthday cake.

NeeNee Queen.

elroy mengada helping out removing candles.

my lemon honey! i love!

last but not least, group picha at KTZ in OU. (i actually didnt know there's KTZ in OU until they brought me there D: imagine how long i've not been to OU :( ) - and btw, where's nik hun?

eh, we not so kiam siap really gave her kissies for pressie only larh xD

the pressie i chose personally and bought personally bahahaha!

electric blue bag!

and electric blue lingerie! xD

sweet nuff?
i say yesh!

eh, she love them to bits kays! because it's her fav colour bahahaha *evil grins*

kuma, wear for us to see can? :))