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Monday, December 24, 2007


I miss miss Copper baby.

last night my bro phoned me, saying that he wasn't really eating much :(

i'm so worried now :(

Baby, please wait for mommy can? mommy's gonna be home soon. real soon :(

and i blame my mom for extending my flight D:

wait for me baby T-T

and be a good boy okays? *sobs*

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more more more!

Finally get some time to take my dear D80 to snap snap ze furkids.

actually it was quite late already while i was snappin' them. around midnight lol ;P

Jadey dear sleeping soundly in her basket bed :D

Meeko dearest sleeping and curled up on our bed *wurve*wurve*

ain't they adorable? :3

Monday, December 17, 2007

new comers!

Quite a lot of new stuffs after coming back :D

New lappie, new puppy, new kitties. but i still miss Copper desperately :(

Meet my new Dell Inspiron 1420 :D It's in Ruby Red and I love it to bits! *plus i'm using it to update my blog now xD

sleek and shexy right? xD

and w00t! someone's steppin' on mua new lappie! GAH D:

HMPF. mengada.

and miss Meeko to bits :D
da Queen!

uhm, da slave. LOL.
Jadey dear :3

posey alot. mengada dog xD

and our new family member!
Goldy baby aka Goldilocks :D she's a Labrador mixed with Doberman :) she's only 2 months old but she's as huge as Jade already @.@ can't imagine how big will she go when she's totally grown up.

ain't she's cute?

sharing the bed with Jadey lol.

and later, conquering it ROFLMAO.

da Queen is fed up with the 'immigrants' lol.

Both new kitties to replace Emerald's place :( we all miss Emerald badly, *sighs*.

Zis is Charlie :)
he has the Hitler's moustache ROTFLOL.

Suitty :) He looks like as if he's wearing a suit :D

More updates soon! :D But life's gettin' busy :(

Someone, SAVE MUA!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

TAGGED! again xD

TAGGED! again.

Got tagged by Annie dear xD

HMPF, here goes.

List out 20 friends and answer the questions that follow.

1. Kaiyien darling.
2. Sharon dear.
3. Shuang Yng.
4. Nikiee Hun.
5. Lilian.
6. Siew Li.
7. Pen nee aka NeeNee Queen.
8. Ji Yan.
9. Ah Lai.
10. Nuub Khai.
11. Nanako.
12. Elroy.
13. Mogu.
14. Roy.
15. Kulu-kulu aka lausy lao gong.
16. Lausy son junjun aka LJ-Jun. (kononnya je)
17. Phillip desu.
18. Daowen.
19. Trung.
20. JV.

1. How you get to know 14? (Roy)
- Erm, from a game friend precisely. I got to know his ex-gf Fabre dear first in-game, and then she introduced him to me :)

2. What would you do if you never met 1? (Kaiyien darl.)
- Life would be less exciting and lovey-dovey. She means a lot to me :)

3. What will you do if 9 and 20 dated you? (Ah Lai and JV.)
- Oh well, we're always dating each other (ah lai) ROFLMAO xD JK kays, we're like good friends and it's quite impossible for us to date ;P and about JV, *coughs* though i'm closer to females but i don't tend to love them like couples do. friendly love i say, friendly love.

4. Would 6 and 17 make good couple ? (Siew Li and Phillip.)
- I say a BIG NO NO.

5. do you think 8 is attractive? (Ji Yan.)
- ERM for girls, she's crazy and she can get along with anyone. For guys, i think a yes, since she has a few guys going crazy over her xD

6. Do you know anything about no. 12’s family? (Elroy.)
- Not really, as we're classmates in college, but we do know that he has a amber chai-looking girlfriend xD

7. Tell me something about 7. (Pennee aka NeeNeeQueen.)
- Oh yes, she, uhm... she's a bear. yes believe me, she is a bear but doesn't act like a bear or roar like a bear, and i sometimes wonder what is she. she gets shy and afraid easily, timid to strangers, easy to get bully, and uhm, she's tiny xD she's a harmless grizzly bear i say :D

8. What is no 18’s favourite? (Daowen.)
- PORNO! xD uhm, not all i say, he likes certain hawt chiqs - big boobs, beautiful face, curvy body, shexy chiqs that goes - meow xD

9. What languange does 15 speak? (Kulu-kulu aka lausy laogong.)
- Cantonese, chinese, broken-english, broken malay, prolly hokkien.

10. Who is 19 going out with? (Trung)
- His fiance precisely. back at Vietnam larh! But he's having this underground relationship with Sam xD *shh don't tell anyone ;P*

11. How old is 16 now? (Lausy son aka JunJun.)
- 20 this year :D just had his birthday last month :3

12. When was the last time you talked to 13? (Mogu)
- UHM UHM UHM. no idea. but we MSN-ed few days ago.

13. Who is 2’s favourite singer? (Sharon dear.)
- I ZUNNO! D: i only remember back then it was Norah Jones :D

14. Would you date 4? (Nikiee Hun.)
- EXCUSE YOU. we're DATING at the moment bahahaha!

15. Would you date no. 17? (Phillip.)
- ERM no precisely because he ain't gonna be interested in me ;P (we know why)

16. Is 15 single? (Kulu-kulu aka lausy laogong.)
- I zunno for the moment, but he's my ai-ya lao gong and i forgot what happened to him and his gf. (macam kena dump, poor thing.)

17. What is no 10’s last name? (Nuub Khai.)
- Ng.

18. Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? (Nanako.)
- LOL i think we would be great and she's good in getting lesbie with mua. (both of us know that xD)

19. Which school does 3 goes to? (Shuang Yng)
- UTAR if i'm not wrong.

20. Where does 6 live? (Siew Li.)
- Inanam, i think. I suddenly forgot what it's called. Sabah hor..

21. What is your favourite thing about no. 5? (Lilian.)
- She can go totally crazy with us xD she's fun! Love her to bits wey ;P

Finally done bwahahaha! *evil grins*

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


watched a few funny video clips from youtube xD

i present u,

the two talking cats! :D

and then there's another version of it, which is even more funnier xD

the two talking cats 2 ;P

aint they cute? ;3

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hols Day 4.

It's Sunday and everyone should be sleeping and lazing around the bed, or bringing their dogs or kids to the park to have some picnic fun.



It's our stupid bear aka The Return of NeeNee Queen's birthday LOL.

went to Neway to sing K :D


the birthday girl with mua. kissieeeee as birthday pressie? xD

neko, kuma and usagi xD animals family HMPF :D

xiao bobo with xiao bao bao xD

weee i purposely cropped her xD (so mean larh me ;P)

fuuddddd!! (tasted real bad D: redbox one rocks more)

someone acting cute again D:

being vain.

vain again xD

later, went to KTZ located at Rainforest section in OU New wing.

birthday girl with her birthday cake.

NeeNee Queen.

elroy mengada helping out removing candles.

my lemon honey! i love!

last but not least, group picha at KTZ in OU. (i actually didnt know there's KTZ in OU until they brought me there D: imagine how long i've not been to OU :( ) - and btw, where's nik hun?

eh, we not so kiam siap really gave her kissies for pressie only larh xD

the pressie i chose personally and bought personally bahahaha!

electric blue bag!

and electric blue lingerie! xD

sweet nuff?
i say yesh!

eh, she love them to bits kays! because it's her fav colour bahahaha *evil grins*

kuma, wear for us to see can? :))