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Saturday, November 10, 2007


Comet was picked up by his daddy last night, am going to miss him but seems like he and Copper ain't getting along together :( Comet's super manja, not excluding the king of the house, Copper.

Comet's moving around from houses to houses are due to certain reasons that have been discussed over and over again, so, let's just hope Comet will live happier then.

And people, please do not buy a pet (just any pet, no matter it's a hamster or a cat, a dog, guinea pig etc etc) on spontaneous, don't buy them because u feel that they're adorable, cute, lovely, but buy them because:

- you LOVE them with full RESPONSIBILITY! also think about, do you really need a pet?! and BE a responsible owner!
- DO researches on HOW to take care of the pet, getting informations online is as easy as a piece of cake nowadays.
- Get professional advices from professional vets, not employees nor staffs from pet shops (because MOST of them aren't experienced in rearing a pet! their main objective is to SELL their stuffs/pets, not giving u professional advices!)
- Find out where to get it from. A good place to start are from reputable breeders. Well, not all reputable breeders are good but ask around the internet, pet owners, etc. I'd say "Nothing good comes cheap" Don't buy from pet shops. Why? Not all take care of all the pets they have in their shop to the minute details. They have too many to handle thus resulting in neglecting some pets.
- DO NOT GET a pair of opposite sex and think that your pets need a FAMILY! (they do not! animal instincts is just to mate, not LOVE. they can only LOVE their owners, not the same species).
- DO NOT BREED them to think that you can get money by that. breeding them is much more expensive than the price you're selling them! It's not an easy job to breed a dog, if you wanna know more about it, you can ask me, i'll introduce few of my friends that breeds their own dog, they'll tell you how HARD and DIFFICULT it is to breed.
- if you wanna get a pair of opposite sex, SPAY or NEUTER them. you don't wanna know how much strays are there outside in the society/world now, you don't wanna know where they ended up too!
- Think and confirm about your environment before you get your pet! Most of the people stays in group or family or even, rented houses or apartments which people around you might find your pet to be, dirty or disliking them. In the end you probably would have to move or get rid of your pet to tolerate with the environment you're living at. And bigger sizes of pets would need bigger spaces, so, do consider about this as one of the VERY IMPORTANT factor.
- After getting your pet, do instant checkups after you get them from your breeder! Spending a lil bit of money on that won't hurt to know about your pet's health condition.
- Consider if you have at least RM200 a month or not to prepare for emergencies for your pet! It can be more than that if it's a very serious situation! so, consider about your finance!!
- If you find anything wrong about your pet, DO NOT be a vet yourself, bring it for IMMEDIATE checkups!!
- Consider if you can give full attention to your pet! They need you to play with them, feed them on daily basis, take care of their cleanliness, clean their pee/poo, patience to teach them about obedience (for some pets), etc etc. remember, BE RESPONSIBLE of your pet.

Why do i type such a long post because i've seen LOTS of people ditching and dumping their pets because with RIDICULOUS reasons like:
- i have too much pets now! i couldn't take care of them! (why get them at the first place or breed them at the first place if you couldn't take care all of them?!)
- my pet isn't as cute as before already.
- i don't have time to take care of it already!
and all sorts of reasons.

So, people.. be a responsible owner if you want to get a pet. They're not toys, they need love, care from their owners and people.