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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hols Day 3.

Lazy saturday.
woke up, lepak around in my room, played with baby a while.
decided to go OU for movies and stuffs.
get changed, and suddenly have the urge to eat at Chilli's and watch the new Disney movie "Enchanted".

i love the fantasy poster. really makes me feel like, going back to the older days of Disney's princesses fairy tales.

love Amy Adams (Giselle) in her princess gown, looks gorgeous on her.

i would say this is the dumbest prince (prince Edward) i've ever seen xD

she freaking cut the curtain to make her own clothes in a morning!

i love seeing both of them together.

talking chipmunk Pip.

evil stepmother or queen in every princess story xD

look freaking gorgeous without any laces too!

he definitely looks better than Edward.

and i would say, Enchanted is really good! uhm, well, perhaps for girls but babey did agree that it's a bit hilarious and meaningful. like the twist turn of the storyline too :D

after that, had the urge missing Bakerzin's desserts, went and visit :D


they renovated or change the interior colours of the shop 0_0 if i'm not wrong.

my love, strawberry short cake.

trying out the pumpkin soup. wasn't what i was expecting though :( it isn't creamy enough D:

peach soda!!! :D

last but not least, trying out the Coupe Cheesecake since nik hun had always tell me how good is it. in the matter of fact, it's really really good! :D worth the try i say xD

*p/s: pwease don't tell nik hun about the visit to Bakerzin and eating all these stuffs. she would 200% kill me! xD

so in the end, we had our tummies full. went home, continue to laze around xD