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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hols Day 2.

2nd day.

went to Matrade to see the International Cat Show (i think), and wtf.

RM3 PER ENTRY for adults =_=

and we thought it was for free.... *za dao*
here's a whole lot of snapshots by my w800i, so, forgive me with the photo qualities. wait till i get my hands on a d40x or a d80 nikon! bahahaha! *evil grins*

A lady Maine Coon! It's much smaller than a male Maine Coon. They have really long body length, real bushy tails, lovely features and colours i tell ya! u'll fall in love with them eventually :P which, i did xD

Decent hor?

a fat..lazy.. Maine Coon i guess xD

prolly a domestic long hair? but he/she looks like Sylvester in Looney Toons though xD

this gorgeous feline is too tall to stand in the cage! D: someone please get him/her a bigger cage D:

Not sure whether this is a Norwegian or a Maine Coon.

no idea what breed is this, prolly domestic long hair or some other breed.

a gorgeous Burmese.

a beautiful giant maine coon in its net house :D

Norwegian Forest Cat. damn gorgeous breed.

Norwegian Forest Cat deep asleep.

Norwegian Forest Cat again.

a random cat curled up to sleep, with a whole lot of people passing by and the noise. can't imagine how they get asleep though 0_0

british short hair.

the judge judging and giving explanations on the color/coat of the cat.

after all the furs and shedding, finally, BRUNCH TIME! :D

daddy dearest spent us at Zen weeeeeee~~ xD because he poked me for the McDs i've ordered for the previous months. it was like, *ahem*ahem* alot xD

had sashimi!! fav salmon and amaebi (sweet shrimp) *wurve*

lovely lunch to end the day :P

more updates,