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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hols Day 1.

Updates on mua hols! Had been busy since the 1st day of my hols, accompanying my parents whom came over for exhibitions and stuffs, teman my mom go shopping also :D

Day 1:
- teman them go KLCC, bro teman dad go exhibition, i teman mommy dearest SHOPPING of course! *evil grins*
- went to Benefit counter at parkson grand, we both fell in love with the products and currently very obsessed with it :D
- isetan sells the same thing with parkson grand but the price is like, superb big difference! people, please just shop at parkson grand D: so bloody exp D:
- spent a whole lot too :( mommy bought stupid swatch watch that looks alike to her guess ones.
- went Chilli's and have dinner with dad's dealer, WOW he knows how to speak Hakka! great lol.
- baby came to KLCC and teman us. so sweet of him :D

spent for like, a whole day at KLCC and then,
at night go stupid Overseas (海外天) at Armada hotel to have dinner with stupid supplier of dad's.

mengada wanna cover his face HMPF :(

so dad went on socializing with his supplier and we (mua, mua mom and bro) 3 chat on our own till the dishes are served :( boring D:

char siu! :D

herbal chicken. my bro loved it though 0_0

tofu :D and some random veg.

veggie!! :D i would say this is the best for the night >_<

say hola! to fishie.

daddy dearest eating :D

random tea served.

was so bored and tired that night D: reached home, bathed and slept right away >_<
and sorry to mua baby Copper that i've been forced to ditch him for da whole day :(

updates for Day 2 soon! :D