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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hols Day 3.

Lazy saturday.
woke up, lepak around in my room, played with baby a while.
decided to go OU for movies and stuffs.
get changed, and suddenly have the urge to eat at Chilli's and watch the new Disney movie "Enchanted".

i love the fantasy poster. really makes me feel like, going back to the older days of Disney's princesses fairy tales.

love Amy Adams (Giselle) in her princess gown, looks gorgeous on her.

i would say this is the dumbest prince (prince Edward) i've ever seen xD

she freaking cut the curtain to make her own clothes in a morning!

i love seeing both of them together.

talking chipmunk Pip.

evil stepmother or queen in every princess story xD

look freaking gorgeous without any laces too!

he definitely looks better than Edward.

and i would say, Enchanted is really good! uhm, well, perhaps for girls but babey did agree that it's a bit hilarious and meaningful. like the twist turn of the storyline too :D

after that, had the urge missing Bakerzin's desserts, went and visit :D


they renovated or change the interior colours of the shop 0_0 if i'm not wrong.

my love, strawberry short cake.

trying out the pumpkin soup. wasn't what i was expecting though :( it isn't creamy enough D:

peach soda!!! :D

last but not least, trying out the Coupe Cheesecake since nik hun had always tell me how good is it. in the matter of fact, it's really really good! :D worth the try i say xD

*p/s: pwease don't tell nik hun about the visit to Bakerzin and eating all these stuffs. she would 200% kill me! xD

so in the end, we had our tummies full. went home, continue to laze around xD

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hols Day 2.

2nd day.

went to Matrade to see the International Cat Show (i think), and wtf.

RM3 PER ENTRY for adults =_=

and we thought it was for free.... *za dao*
here's a whole lot of snapshots by my w800i, so, forgive me with the photo qualities. wait till i get my hands on a d40x or a d80 nikon! bahahaha! *evil grins*

A lady Maine Coon! It's much smaller than a male Maine Coon. They have really long body length, real bushy tails, lovely features and colours i tell ya! u'll fall in love with them eventually :P which, i did xD

Decent hor?

a fat..lazy.. Maine Coon i guess xD

prolly a domestic long hair? but he/she looks like Sylvester in Looney Toons though xD

this gorgeous feline is too tall to stand in the cage! D: someone please get him/her a bigger cage D:

Not sure whether this is a Norwegian or a Maine Coon.

no idea what breed is this, prolly domestic long hair or some other breed.

a gorgeous Burmese.

a beautiful giant maine coon in its net house :D

Norwegian Forest Cat. damn gorgeous breed.

Norwegian Forest Cat deep asleep.

Norwegian Forest Cat again.

a random cat curled up to sleep, with a whole lot of people passing by and the noise. can't imagine how they get asleep though 0_0

british short hair.

the judge judging and giving explanations on the color/coat of the cat.

after all the furs and shedding, finally, BRUNCH TIME! :D

daddy dearest spent us at Zen weeeeeee~~ xD because he poked me for the McDs i've ordered for the previous months. it was like, *ahem*ahem* alot xD

had sashimi!! fav salmon and amaebi (sweet shrimp) *wurve*

lovely lunch to end the day :P

more updates,


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hols Day 1.

Updates on mua hols! Had been busy since the 1st day of my hols, accompanying my parents whom came over for exhibitions and stuffs, teman my mom go shopping also :D

Day 1:
- teman them go KLCC, bro teman dad go exhibition, i teman mommy dearest SHOPPING of course! *evil grins*
- went to Benefit counter at parkson grand, we both fell in love with the products and currently very obsessed with it :D
- isetan sells the same thing with parkson grand but the price is like, superb big difference! people, please just shop at parkson grand D: so bloody exp D:
- spent a whole lot too :( mommy bought stupid swatch watch that looks alike to her guess ones.
- went Chilli's and have dinner with dad's dealer, WOW he knows how to speak Hakka! great lol.
- baby came to KLCC and teman us. so sweet of him :D

spent for like, a whole day at KLCC and then,
at night go stupid Overseas (海外天) at Armada hotel to have dinner with stupid supplier of dad's.

mengada wanna cover his face HMPF :(

so dad went on socializing with his supplier and we (mua, mua mom and bro) 3 chat on our own till the dishes are served :( boring D:

char siu! :D

herbal chicken. my bro loved it though 0_0

tofu :D and some random veg.

veggie!! :D i would say this is the best for the night >_<

say hola! to fishie.

daddy dearest eating :D

random tea served.

was so bored and tired that night D: reached home, bathed and slept right away >_<
and sorry to mua baby Copper that i've been forced to ditch him for da whole day :(

updates for Day 2 soon! :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007


w00t it's holidays but i dont think i felt any excitement on that.

prolly on buying a new lappie for muaself. YAYness :D

from baby Copper and mua.

i'll get mua lappie soon enough and everythings gonna rock shits wey.

zis cat rocks shit too.

Sunday, November 18, 2007



i dont wanna say a word about this or mention whose foot is this xD


LET IT BE. bahahahahaha!

and and,


Saturday, November 17, 2007

tagged D:


1) A freaking hawt laptop :)
2) More time :3
3) More monay to support both me & my son. (any freelance jobs anyone? T-T)
4) Friend reunions. I miss them :(


nuub victor D:


1) Damn sohai, at times xD
2) Nuub.
3) mengade.
4) blur, at times.
5) covered with lame jokes, which i normally would ignore xD


HMPF *thinks hard* a lot prolly, but i dont know which to write, so, nvm.


HMPF *thinks really hard* can i leave this alone? :3


*AHEM* it's past tense.


ignore everything if he's picking fight on mua. or, i'll let the dog do it xD


i waxed all his hair on his arms and legs :)


sharon chin :3
nik hun
kaiyien darling
shuang yng

and anyone else who wants to get tagged xD

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


was studying late last night for our Marketing shit.

baby was waiting for me to sleep with him (every night),



end up..


Monday, November 12, 2007







人, 都是虚假的。


但人终是喜欢把聪明用在不好的地方, 令人厌恶。


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ways to control strays.

I've found this really good and informative article from Kitten Rescue Organization about why we should SPAY or NEUTER our pets.

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet
Spaying or neutering increases your pet's chances for a longer, healthier life.
Spaying a female greatly reduces the chances of breast cancer and the threat of uterine and ovarian cancer and uterine infection, thus your pet may live longer.
Neutering a male reduces the chances of testicular tumors, hernias, abscesses, prostrate enlargement and prostate cancer later in life, thus your pet may live longer.

An altered dog or cat is a better pet for your family.
>Neutered males (especially young males) are less aggressive and less tempted to leave your property.
> Neutered males also are less likely to mark the inside of your house with urine (often called spraying).
>Spaying your female pet eliminates the problem of stray males camping in your yard and decreases her desire to roam and breed.

No family wants to cope with an unwanted pregnancy. Spaying prevents your pet from giving birth to unwanted puppies or kittens. More animals cost more money.

Less animals will die in shelters if your pet is spayed or neutered.In 2000 - 2001 94,514 unwanted dogs and cats were euthanized (killed) at shelters in the County of Los Angeles. Most animals are brought to the shelter because of accidental breeding by free-roaming, unaltered pets which the owners can't find homes for.

More pets spayed or neutered = fewer dogs and cats killed.

Nine Most Common Excuses for Not Spaying or Neutering Pets

My pet will get fat and lazy.
Pets that become fat and lazy after being spayed or neutered usually are overfed and do not get enough exercise.

My pet doesn't go outside, so he/she doesn't need to be fixed.
There is no guarantee that your pet won't get loose by accident and there are health benefits if you fix your pet. The pet over-population problem is caused by animals which are not fixed and get out, even if it's just once.

My pet's personality will change.
After being fixed, your pet will be less aggressive toward other dogs or cats, will be more affectionate towards you and will be less likely to wander. Your cat and dog will be unlikely to spray (urine marking) after they are fixed.

I just couldn't look my dog or cat in the eye if I had him castrated.
You're giving your dog or cat human feelings. Your dog and cat don't have a sense of gender in the way humans do.

It's natural and it wouldn't be fair if we didn't let them have at least one litter.
There hasn't been anything "natural" about dogs or cats since we domesticated them thousands of years ago. We've interfered with nature by domesticating them, so they are no longer wild animals and are dependant on our choices. By domesticating animals we've created the tragedy of pet over-population. We now have the responsibility to solve it. Giving birth has health risks, not giving birth doesn't.

My children should witness our pet giving birth.
Pets often have their litters at night or in a hiding place so you'll rarely see it. If pets are disturbed or can't have privacy when giving birth, it can result in an animal refusing to care for their babies. An alternative is to foster a pregnant mom, or nursing mom with babies and teach your children the value of saving animals and the responsibility of finding them good homes. (Fostering can be set up through your local rescue group.)

We can sell puppies or kittens to make money.
The cost of raising a litter is very expensive and will be more than the profit of selling the animal. Why would someone buy from you when they can get a pet from the shelter for the same price which is already fixed and has a micro-chip (a device for owners to find lost pets)?

We want another pet just like Rover and Fluffy or every one want's my animals/purebreds.
Breeding two purebred animals rarely results in babies that are exactly like one of the parents. With mixed breeds, it is impossible to have offspring that are exactly like one of the parents.

I'm afraid the surgery isn't safe and my pet might die.
Getting a pet spayed or neutered is the most common surgery performed and is very safe. Many veterinarians use equipment which monitors heart and respiratory rates during surgery to make sure the pets are doing well. The health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered are far greater than the risk involved with surgery.

Why Spay and Neutering is Important
In 2000 - 2001, 94,514 unwanted dogs and cats were euthanized (killed) at shelters in the County of Los Angeles. If you take an animal to the shelter it only has a 10% chance of finding a new home before it's killed. Every year 6-8 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States.

Los Angeles taxpayers spend nearly $10 million to house, feed, kill and dispose of tens of thousands of perfectly healthy but unwanted pets, every year. Of these, 15-20% are pure breds.

More than 45,000 stray dogs and 2,000,000 feral cats are homeless on L. A. streets.

One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six years.
One female cat and her offspring can produce 80,000 cats in seven years. Cats can start having kittens when they are four months old and can have up to 3 litters a year.

Only one in three kittens born outside will ever live to see its first birthday. Most die horrible deaths from disease, malnutrition, or some misadventure.

70,000 puppies and kittens are born every day in the USA alone. Compared to only 10,000 human births, it's clear that there will never be enough homes for all these animals.

Whose Animals are Causing this to Happen?
Everyone who has a pet which isn't spayed or neutered, it only takes once! Don't contribute to this tragic unnecessary killing of animals. Have your pet spayed or neutered. An estimated 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters in this country every year. Millions more are abandoned, only to suffer on the streets from illness or injury before dying.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Comet's updates.

Sweetie pie Comet is with the vet now :(
He passed out and hope everything would be fine! *sobs*

Poor thing.. *sighs*


Comet was picked up by his daddy last night, am going to miss him but seems like he and Copper ain't getting along together :( Comet's super manja, not excluding the king of the house, Copper.

Comet's moving around from houses to houses are due to certain reasons that have been discussed over and over again, so, let's just hope Comet will live happier then.

And people, please do not buy a pet (just any pet, no matter it's a hamster or a cat, a dog, guinea pig etc etc) on spontaneous, don't buy them because u feel that they're adorable, cute, lovely, but buy them because:

- you LOVE them with full RESPONSIBILITY! also think about, do you really need a pet?! and BE a responsible owner!
- DO researches on HOW to take care of the pet, getting informations online is as easy as a piece of cake nowadays.
- Get professional advices from professional vets, not employees nor staffs from pet shops (because MOST of them aren't experienced in rearing a pet! their main objective is to SELL their stuffs/pets, not giving u professional advices!)
- Find out where to get it from. A good place to start are from reputable breeders. Well, not all reputable breeders are good but ask around the internet, pet owners, etc. I'd say "Nothing good comes cheap" Don't buy from pet shops. Why? Not all take care of all the pets they have in their shop to the minute details. They have too many to handle thus resulting in neglecting some pets.
- DO NOT GET a pair of opposite sex and think that your pets need a FAMILY! (they do not! animal instincts is just to mate, not LOVE. they can only LOVE their owners, not the same species).
- DO NOT BREED them to think that you can get money by that. breeding them is much more expensive than the price you're selling them! It's not an easy job to breed a dog, if you wanna know more about it, you can ask me, i'll introduce few of my friends that breeds their own dog, they'll tell you how HARD and DIFFICULT it is to breed.
- if you wanna get a pair of opposite sex, SPAY or NEUTER them. you don't wanna know how much strays are there outside in the society/world now, you don't wanna know where they ended up too!
- Think and confirm about your environment before you get your pet! Most of the people stays in group or family or even, rented houses or apartments which people around you might find your pet to be, dirty or disliking them. In the end you probably would have to move or get rid of your pet to tolerate with the environment you're living at. And bigger sizes of pets would need bigger spaces, so, do consider about this as one of the VERY IMPORTANT factor.
- After getting your pet, do instant checkups after you get them from your breeder! Spending a lil bit of money on that won't hurt to know about your pet's health condition.
- Consider if you have at least RM200 a month or not to prepare for emergencies for your pet! It can be more than that if it's a very serious situation! so, consider about your finance!!
- If you find anything wrong about your pet, DO NOT be a vet yourself, bring it for IMMEDIATE checkups!!
- Consider if you can give full attention to your pet! They need you to play with them, feed them on daily basis, take care of their cleanliness, clean their pee/poo, patience to teach them about obedience (for some pets), etc etc. remember, BE RESPONSIBLE of your pet.

Why do i type such a long post because i've seen LOTS of people ditching and dumping their pets because with RIDICULOUS reasons like:
- i have too much pets now! i couldn't take care of them! (why get them at the first place or breed them at the first place if you couldn't take care all of them?!)
- my pet isn't as cute as before already.
- i don't have time to take care of it already!
and all sorts of reasons.

So, people.. be a responsible owner if you want to get a pet. They're not toys, they need love, care from their owners and people.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have a visitor!!

Meet Comet :)

Copper and Comet sniffing around @.@

Bah, i'm gonna be real busy these few days @.@ with barking and chasing around.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Babey and his fav Moo.

p/s: do tune down ur speaker while u play it xD