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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Recommended song of ze month:

Disenchanted from My Chemical Romance.

I've never expected myself to like MCR's song until i heard this. Super nice okays :3 including the lyrics of course :D

so start listening to it! xD

random updates again.
last thursday, went to Taylors and help out one of my friend there, she's serving in the restaurant and we need to just go there, sit down and eat, then rate their performance.

early morning have to wake up D:
but didnt expect this:

poor andrew sleeping on the sofa overnight @.@

trying not to wake him up while waiting for stupid rabbit's car.

stupid full formal that munyi asked us to wear, but ended up she's wearing only a pair of formal pants D:

came back and with rabbits taking over my comp D: poorrrrrr baby comp :(

and last sunday, went to do stupid marketing & consumer behavior shit surveys for our projects, it was stupid and disaster. so hard to get people do surveys and people are actually running away from us :( sad stuffs gah D:

so, we went to bar-b-q restaurant to actually reward ourselves for the hard work xD

yesh, it's jiyan's hand holding the chopsticks and my daughter sabrina's hand holding other stuffs D:

nuub acting cute xD

my ah lui trying to fan away the smoke xD

green tea is da best :3

ze fuuddddd!!

okays, i start to miss the fuud there *drools*

start cooking :3

their special gravy and garlic fried rice :3 super delicious okays :P

that's all for today D:

and everyone's crazy about facebook now xD why ar? :3