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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

holiday updates D:

Sorry i wasn't updating any of my events that went on throughout the holidays and after the holidays :( I was really into and busy over my baby, and i actually ditched dA! D: now i feel so bad, and i wanted a tablet badly :(

So here's da updates! D:

Went to Times Square just the day after i came back from my hometown, and my bro suggested that we should have Shabu-Shabu train, so, yeah :D

I had TomYam soup while my bro's having Miso soup, bro's gf having the same as mine :D

vege with prawns for my tomyam xD

hmpf, seaweeds, veges and uhm, no idea what was that for my bro xD

stacking the plates at normal speed :D

my bro's gf was on diet D:

enjoying his seaweed miso soup xD

w00t they even have unagi!!

bro's gf having uhm, fish cakes and so LOL.

seaweed + all sorts of food @.@

my bro said it looked like drain WTF xD

buffet ice cream for desert!

still stacking up D:

finalized results ROFLMAO ;P

clean and quite clear xD

they need time on counting the dishes ;P

woi, can see tummy already xD

egg + tomyam soup *drools*

crazy people on ice cream craze @.@

counting on da bills! xD

lol had real fun on trying the shabu train, but after that was real disaster. tummy cannot tahan too much food >_<

i'm going on a diet HMPF :(

updates again next time xD