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Monday, September 03, 2007

genting update :)

here's the genting updates!!! D: finally finish uploading tons of pictures =_=




some more at 2am tsk tsk, with someone very mengade on MSN >_< kacau-ing me. *sighs*

bah here it is :3

we, somehow look so young <-someone said it.

damn miss this bunch of monkeys :3

they think they're still young, wanna pose 1 2 3 4 D: totally LAME.

trying to kiss someone.

ter-kiss ;P

ki-ki grown up! xD not the lil' ki-ki we knew *sobs*

baka shuang yng with her new *ahem* xD

xiao mao say he wanna act cool =_="

random snap, but with background acting cute tsk!

sista and bro :3 sweet!

the stupidest darling i've ever had :P

he insists not to be in any photographs xD

we miss secondary school life :(

when's the next gathering?

next morning, time to go genting lorh.


lazy bumps.

insists not to follow because he wanna sleep.

poor thing that sleeps on the sofa whole night.

ask u to sleep earlier larh. still wanna kacau people at 3am tsk tsk D:

scary cable car D:

somehow very impressive photo ;P

swing ur asses away!


fucking solero shot that nearly make me have a heart attack D:

i promise not to lie anymore mama *sobs*

wanna sit but wanna close ur eyes up. DAMN MENGADE.

=_=" never have her eyes open during the ride =_="

obviously taller than u =_=

random shot.

we wanna go London D:

phone booth camwhores.

yes, camwhores.

stop dreaming about Brian larh :)

being emo.

siewli swinging her ass away ;P

gayness on cute carousels :(

ki-ki trying to snatch and eat my lollipop :(

yes, lollipop kicks ass :3

told ya it kicked ass :P

sorry with the eye bags. insufficient sleeps :(

act cute + mengade-ness.

still wanna continue act cute =_=

important elements = background :D

okay larh. ur head seems to be smaller like that ;)

satisfy now? xD

catty: uh huh uh huh *ignores*

uhm uhm. history to be ;P

coffin rocks? xD

he said yes.

Cleopatra doesnt work here.

the coffin's a bit too big for ya.

i miss her "cold jokes".

fucked-up-who-he-think-he-is-so-tall guy :P

ah lai loves lilian. we do so too! xD

clock tower wah, ah lai said. MUST TAKE.

must take..

kissing in public is always encourage!

she loves that pose. no idea why *shrugs*

four of us :3

no idea why that two so mengade.

see. told ya she love to pose like that.

lilian damn chun in this pic. falling in love with her again :D

bored. nothing to play but keropoks.

very random shot.

another lollipop freak.

breakfast wah. damn cham.


i sense power and energy around lilian. *the hair is flying up w00t!*


enough photos this time.

it's killing meh! D:

so, ciao`z :3