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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

holiday updates D:

Sorry i wasn't updating any of my events that went on throughout the holidays and after the holidays :( I was really into and busy over my baby, and i actually ditched dA! D: now i feel so bad, and i wanted a tablet badly :(

So here's da updates! D:

Went to Times Square just the day after i came back from my hometown, and my bro suggested that we should have Shabu-Shabu train, so, yeah :D

I had TomYam soup while my bro's having Miso soup, bro's gf having the same as mine :D

vege with prawns for my tomyam xD

hmpf, seaweeds, veges and uhm, no idea what was that for my bro xD

stacking the plates at normal speed :D

my bro's gf was on diet D:

enjoying his seaweed miso soup xD

w00t they even have unagi!!

bro's gf having uhm, fish cakes and so LOL.

seaweed + all sorts of food @.@

my bro said it looked like drain WTF xD

buffet ice cream for desert!

still stacking up D:

finalized results ROFLMAO ;P

clean and quite clear xD

they need time on counting the dishes ;P

woi, can see tummy already xD

egg + tomyam soup *drools*

crazy people on ice cream craze @.@

counting on da bills! xD

lol had real fun on trying the shabu train, but after that was real disaster. tummy cannot tahan too much food >_<

i'm going on a diet HMPF :(

updates again next time xD

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yes! hard works always pays off well.

The Dog Catching Competition is finally canceled off!

More informations, click HERE!

But for more of the "inside story" which what really happened, go to Mad About Labrador! The inside stories are truly pissing off people, and it shows how barbaric and uncivilized part of Malaysians are. Total shame on them.

But finally we got what he wanted. Let's see how far we can stop this act.

More news on HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


LOL currently i'm so addicted to Hana-kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) - the Japanese Version one. if anyone do not know what's that, click HERE.


I should say that the Japan version is 200% MUCH better than the Taiwan version's one because they act more naturally and not as awkward + weird + overdo like S.H.E.'s Ella and 2 of Fahrenheit's member :D

So this cutie girl Horikita Maki acts as Ashiya Mizuki, Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi, and Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu Shuichi.

cute Horikita Maki that acts as a boy (Ashiya Mizuki) in the movie. yesh, she's irresistible, even for Sano xD

Oguri Shun (Sano Izumi) *love*love* yesh he's damn cool in Hana-kimi, freaking irresistible!

cute Ikuta Toma as the funny and annoying Nakatsu Shuichi. Yesh, though he's annoying but he's still being loved by everyone xD

and the series is still going on in Japan, volume 11 tonight on air.

*kicks the floor* i wanna watch larh T-T the latest i got is only volume 8 tsk D:

if anyone has the latest one, please give it to meeeeeeeeeee!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Updates on DCC!

Updates from Cleopatra the Labrador blog regarding on the Dog Catching Competition.

There was this silent protest held yesterday at the Dog Carnival 2007 and the press was there too.
Hopefully everything will help and this barbaric action will be stopped.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Regarding on the previous post of the Dog Catching Competition,

here's the petition!

Click Here to Sign!

get urself sign to stop this barbaric act :)


Seems that someone from the forum said that the first petition was a bit nonfunctional on the technical side, so it's the best to sign the 2nd petition up too :)

I signed both, perhaps the best way :D

Click Here for 2nd Petition!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The most horrifying and shocking news I've ever heard. Just got to know that our "awesome" government/council is launching something really "humanity".

Dog Catching Competition!

A barbaric, inhumanity, brainless, ridiculous, fucked up action to be make. Some more, very interesting and lucrative prize money is given to the winners.

The proof?

with this: (the details provided by the website)

Quoted from Cleopatra the Labrador blog:

I read with horror an advertisement on the Selayang Municipal Council’s website in Malaysia. See This advertisement was for a Dog Catching Competition where lucrative prize money was being offered to individuals who could catch the most dogs!

How could the council even come up with such an idea? Which half sane or decent human being managed to come up with such a cruel and ridiculous idea? The competition would only encourage more cruelty towards these helpless animals. (Bear in mind that these stray dogs that are on the streets are due to our own negligence).

What shocked me even more was the fact that the council has openly stated that it will not be held responsible for any injury or damage caused by the individuals to the general public or themselves in their attempts to catch these stray dogs. The only requirement was that these dogs that care caught be brought in alive. This in my opinion would only encourage the would be dog catchers to physically harm the dogs prior to taking them into the council. The council does not seem to care for the welfare of the dogs that are brought in as there was no statement anywhere in their advertisement stating that the dogs that are caught must be caught in a humane manner.

Other than that I also believe that this competition would actually encourage people who are out to make easy money to steal dogs!!! So I would also like to warn all dog owners to please bring your dogs indoors to keep them safe from these potential dog thieves!!!

I think that the actions of the Selayang Municipal Council in organizing such a competition is not just irresponsible, but down right BARBARIC!!!

I would like to plead to the government and the authorities to look into this matter and stop this campaign immediately. We should be a nation that cares for all living creatures, and I believe that all religions including Islam teaches us to be kind to all of God’s creatures. There are other ways and means to curb the stray population in this country. A number of groups and organizations like the SPCA and PAWS are working hard to educate the public via spay and neuter campaigns.

If we let the Selayang Municipal Council get away with their barbaric dog catching competition, we are only encouraging the people that cruelty is an acceptable way of life. And I sincerely believe that Malaysians do not want to be seen by the world as a nation that sanctions cruelty to animals.

I also urge that the press highlight this horrific campaign by the Selayang Municipal Council in a bid to stop them from carrying out their nasty plans. I also urge all individuals to NOT take part in the competition in order to preserve our integrity as decent human beings

I would like to call upon all individuals to speak up against the Selayang Municipal Council for organizing this BARBARIC competition. You can do this by highlighting this case in your blogs, by emailing all your contacts and by writing to the press....

I am appealing to all readers of my blog, Malaysian readers and international readers, to write to the Malaysian press to highlight this case. The email addresses are

International organizations that you can write to:

We can make a difference if each one of us takes the initiative to spread this horrific news, and take the time to just write a short note to all of the local papers as well as the international organisations mentioned above. If there are any other organizations that we can write to, please let me know...

Please please people. Save the poor dogs :( 50th years of Merdeka but why aren't they civilised?

Monday, September 03, 2007

genting update :)

here's the genting updates!!! D: finally finish uploading tons of pictures =_=




some more at 2am tsk tsk, with someone very mengade on MSN >_< kacau-ing me. *sighs*

bah here it is :3

we, somehow look so young <-someone said it.

damn miss this bunch of monkeys :3

they think they're still young, wanna pose 1 2 3 4 D: totally LAME.

trying to kiss someone.

ter-kiss ;P

ki-ki grown up! xD not the lil' ki-ki we knew *sobs*

baka shuang yng with her new *ahem* xD

xiao mao say he wanna act cool =_="

random snap, but with background acting cute tsk!

sista and bro :3 sweet!

the stupidest darling i've ever had :P

he insists not to be in any photographs xD

we miss secondary school life :(

when's the next gathering?

next morning, time to go genting lorh.


lazy bumps.

insists not to follow because he wanna sleep.

poor thing that sleeps on the sofa whole night.

ask u to sleep earlier larh. still wanna kacau people at 3am tsk tsk D:

scary cable car D:

somehow very impressive photo ;P

swing ur asses away!


fucking solero shot that nearly make me have a heart attack D:

i promise not to lie anymore mama *sobs*

wanna sit but wanna close ur eyes up. DAMN MENGADE.

=_=" never have her eyes open during the ride =_="

obviously taller than u =_=

random shot.

we wanna go London D:

phone booth camwhores.

yes, camwhores.

stop dreaming about Brian larh :)

being emo.

siewli swinging her ass away ;P

gayness on cute carousels :(

ki-ki trying to snatch and eat my lollipop :(

yes, lollipop kicks ass :3

told ya it kicked ass :P

sorry with the eye bags. insufficient sleeps :(

act cute + mengade-ness.

still wanna continue act cute =_=

important elements = background :D

okay larh. ur head seems to be smaller like that ;)

satisfy now? xD

catty: uh huh uh huh *ignores*

uhm uhm. history to be ;P

coffin rocks? xD

he said yes.

Cleopatra doesnt work here.

the coffin's a bit too big for ya.

i miss her "cold jokes".

fucked-up-who-he-think-he-is-so-tall guy :P

ah lai loves lilian. we do so too! xD

clock tower wah, ah lai said. MUST TAKE.

must take..

kissing in public is always encourage!

she loves that pose. no idea why *shrugs*

four of us :3

no idea why that two so mengade.

see. told ya she love to pose like that.

lilian damn chun in this pic. falling in love with her again :D

bored. nothing to play but keropoks.

very random shot.

another lollipop freak.

breakfast wah. damn cham.


i sense power and energy around lilian. *the hair is flying up w00t!*


enough photos this time.

it's killing meh! D:

so, ciao`z :3