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Saturday, August 11, 2007


marketing strategy - one subject DOWN.

tsk tsk, we were rushing for the final project about Clara International for the past few days and it's dang torturing.

LOL but it was really fun :3 got to learn how to torture yourself by brainstorming and shits ain't that bad afterall :D

and w00t, nik hunny's still being very mengada. TSK TSK with the observation and shits.
so, time for revenge! - i mis-took her 'crimson red' marker pen ;P and now she can't color her marker rendering assignment woottt!! i'm so happy about that ;P

and baby donut's being mengada also. HMPF. *roll on the floor kicking* ;P

watched rush hour 3 tonight with my dear parents and it was freaking good!!!!
i wanna watch again can? :3


oh well, we're so going to watch the simpsons or rush hour 3 next week after all the torturings. baby donut said so, so, YEAH. time to plan TSK TSK.

4 more subjects to go!! D:

and i love these people :3