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Sunday, August 26, 2007


lol today was in the car talking abt my dad's company and who's taking over.

eventually all 3 of us will be taking over and by changing the company name too.

from WE & Company to YDCEW they said.

YDCEW & Company = Y Dont Come Earlier Worh =_=

yesh. lame i know. what to do, was bored ma D:

bah. bear with me. i'm now typing with some lame keyboard and thinking stuffs randomly D:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

bah :D

genting trip was real fun.

exhausted D:

updates next time :3

i'm leaving in half an hour time,

and i miss being said by someone that i smell like a basket of strawberries :3

yesh. i'm going to pay for this D:

Monday, August 20, 2007


i'll be leaving for prolly a few days or even weeks!



*hugs*and*kisses* for ya all! :3

sms/phone to get mua! *evil grins*

Saturday, August 18, 2007


so this classmate aka buddeh of AD06-1 and 2 is leaving soon from TOA because he said HE HATED FIGURES *tsk*

so, yeah. somehow, a special dedication to him xD

yesh, we'll freaking mish u hell lots because u're an ass, plus u're a freaking bitch that makes us laugh all the time! xD

and w00t, i'm so trying to make u famous through my blog TSK :P

and here's ur freaking photos that i snapped that day ;P

yes al, u're such a poser xD

and TSK! where's our free pizzas ;P i'm so freaking sure we'll be hanging at ur house for movies during weekends! :D

p/s: we still love u xD

Sunday, August 12, 2007


serious shit. this is the most funniest night i ever had.

loaded with funniest joke and ever.

oi nik hun stop being that mengada can? xD u're making me falling MORE in love with u, u know?

tsk, and woot. baby donut and hunny had war! xD

well, as usual. i sit nicely with my popcorn and coke :3 entertained by em. BERY funneh i should say.

a very stress relieving way :D

u guys should try it out one day ;)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


marketing strategy - one subject DOWN.

tsk tsk, we were rushing for the final project about Clara International for the past few days and it's dang torturing.

LOL but it was really fun :3 got to learn how to torture yourself by brainstorming and shits ain't that bad afterall :D

and w00t, nik hunny's still being very mengada. TSK TSK with the observation and shits.
so, time for revenge! - i mis-took her 'crimson red' marker pen ;P and now she can't color her marker rendering assignment woottt!! i'm so happy about that ;P

and baby donut's being mengada also. HMPF. *roll on the floor kicking* ;P

watched rush hour 3 tonight with my dear parents and it was freaking good!!!!
i wanna watch again can? :3


oh well, we're so going to watch the simpsons or rush hour 3 next week after all the torturings. baby donut said so, so, YEAH. time to plan TSK TSK.

4 more subjects to go!! D:

and i love these people :3

Thursday, August 09, 2007


bah i'm currently so immuned and feels numb about everything in my mind.

i suddenly became so emo and i hate to be so.

i guess i want to feel like being love, like, LOVED.

thanks baby donut, for being a really good donut to be bullied by me, always.

and hun, thanks for being a good listener. i wuv yew so much! :3

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

emo and hatred.

burh. it seems like life's got sucked out and replaced by assignments and stress shits.
everyone's bearing with it for the remaining 1 week plus, and yes, very exhausting. time management is bullshit because 24hrs a day is always not enough for art students.


totally, NOT ENOUGH.

and now i feel like biting donuts. YES, i'm very into donuts lately.

not just any donuts, and NOT dunkin' donuts too.

i want Raspberry's sugar donuts or even baby donut's strawberry pinky :3

bear with me. I'M THROUGH WITH THIS!

vicnidas: this is T.O.A.!!
meowces: ............

Thursday, August 02, 2007


LOL today was our classmate Sam's birthday. so eventually we went on passing msgs in MSN to tell our classmates to give him a wish through SMS.

so our lovely nikiee hun eventually doesnt even have his number since term 1 and she's so screwed up xD so she asked me for it and i gave her.

throughout the whole chatting, suddenly nik hun came bombarding me

cut says:
cut says:

i checked and w00t!!

SORRY AR hun..

Catty °(✿◕‿◕)° ♥ |uRv3s ♥ °(◕ x ◕)° nuub babey wai and babey copper <3 - [] says:
Catty °(✿◕‿◕)° ♥ |uRv3s ♥ °(◕ x ◕)° nuub babey wai and babey copper <3 - [] says:
i got two SAM


cut says:

because they went on like:

sam: whos this?
me: eh, whos this?
sam: whos this?
me: whos this?
sam: whos this?
me: whos this? uh, i think i sent the message to the wrong person. sorryyy!

so she went on bombarding my msn and we laughed over it like shit LOL!!

LOL poor hun. i'm so sorry because i was fucking blur.