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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

random update :)

lol yes i know i havent been updating my blog for like, 10+ days?
had been freakingly busy till head also wanna patah already larh. so where got time to update :(

and and and and and and...

I have a new babey!!!!


no wrong thinkings larh.
i've a son now xD
his name is.. Copper!
he's only 3months old so make sure u guys dont try to bully him! D: i'll screw u guys bah!

see.. my babey cute and adorable lei.

he's a Miniature Schnauzer if anyone doesnt knows. He's a salt&pepper (color) while his other siblings is black&silver since the dad is B&S while the mum is S&P ;) i love salt&pepper more though! (Jade is S&P :D)

yes, ah chiu's trying to catch his attention since she wanna snap his picture *giggles* he's now somehow the focus of the house already xD

zokays. thats all for the temporary updates since i'm now still rushing for rico's typo thumbs. sheesh. we're all so gonna get screwed tomorrow. urgh! help me someone!!