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Monday, July 02, 2007


that day. a whole bunch of people ruined my house. below are the following photos and if anyone sees them, please, contact me and tell me where are they, because they're now on my hunt list :D

culprit number one. the camera stalker. <- she curses you with her camera! so, whack her camera first! xD

culprit number two. the hypnotizing magician. *tsk he hypnotized himself the whole day*

culprit number three. the 'bulu' hunter. <- becareful of your own bulu because she'll pluck it whenever she sees it D:

culprit number four. the grizzly bear. <-she's harmless, timid and fearful bear, so, just whack her :D

culprit number five. the kulu kulu. <- he eats everything he sees. so, uhm, keep your food away :D

culprit number six. uhm, the feet? <- pretty harmless except for the combo kicks xD

culprit number seven. the stitcher! <- rank as most dangerous to females. BEWARE!

culprit number eight. the actor aka 斯文败类. <- dont get con by his looks!

culprit number nine. the sleeper. <- very harmless as she sleeps whenever she's tired. do remember to get her to me when she's asleep :D

unfortunately, i couldnt snap the photo of the 10th culprit, that is the evil bunny. hmpf.. just get some carrots and you'll be able to get her :D

so people, if u guys see anyone of em, please, catch em alive and you'll be rewarded :D with their brains xD