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Friday, July 20, 2007


last sunday was my darl's birthday so his friends were trying to get together and celebrate it with him. went for steamboat and seriously their appetite really frightened me larh. can eat non stop for house and that is why everyone of em looks so tall and muscular. damn crazy freaks LOL.

after the dinner, went over to his friend Seng Heng's house to play some mahjong while the girls watch the TV and talk crap lol. it's always the same girls around though xD me, trish, diana and wai yee. still the same old gang LOL. the guys go crap together and girls crap together, as always. then they wanna cut the freaking cake so we'll just let them do it LOL.

mike ordered a mango fruit cake for this fatty darl. they seems to like it alot! for me, so-so larh because i'm a loyal fans of bakerzin :P

the birthday boy, opps wrong. should be birthday uncle with his pressie cake. :D OLD LARH, OLD.

lol darl's birthday cake. woah, he's superb old already D: really can call him uncle. *sighs*

and i forgot to update about my daughter's birthday w00ttt!! finally grown up haha. we actually surprised her by celebrating it in our 'usual lunch place' aka the thai lagoon :D

still wanna act stupid face while taking picture with her birthday cake. hmpf.

the birthday cake that we sneaked into the restaurant without letting her seeing it xD i'm a real sneaker LOL!

tsk tsk.
more random photos of mua babey!! :3

so damn busy-body wanna climb up on the bed while i was snapping his picture.

LOL bolvin asked if he's a doll. answer is, he's much more freakingly cuter than a doll! :P

something is grabbing his attention, i just dont know what o.O"

tilting his head and wondering what was i doing *while i'm trying to capture his cute face!*

babey got tired of playing and now trying to get some sleep just right under the air-con. lol he does really know how to get the best place hmpf.

babey dearest eating up all his fuud :D

mummy and babey dearest *love*love*

and that day i was cleaning up the mess i made previously in my computer room which includes tons of rubbish like term 1 suckass potrait drawings and shits LOL. and w00t i found my treasure box LOL! and i finally found my box of photo stickers. u know, photo stickers that we always love to take when we're in secondary school.. not excluding now LOL, just that we think that we can do more nicer effects with photoshop ROFLMAO :3


let ze photo speaks! xD

LOL wtf i so super miss these times okay.. T-T life without worries and just all about FUN.

super lots!! :3

love these!

see, i still carry the box of photo stickers with me to KL! can't leave em behind! :D

we went to the Wild Life park when i was back at KK during the last term's break. it's located at Lokawi and very somehow secluded LOL. hard to find larh D:

so we kinda expected that it'll be something bored about the park since Sabah doesnt have any nicer zoos or parks like other places does. but what we see there is kinda impressive, well, depending on the previous parks we saw.

there's a whole big park and kinda lack of people to help out the park. seems like they have to recruit more people to do so.
let the photos talk now ;P

a cloud leopard! now that is something different o.O"

but this leopard seems, really lazy! sleep like nobody's business D:

elephants as usual.. bored of seeing elephants though xD

i wonder how could this sheepie could survive at this place? it's freakingly hot (even without any thick fur on us) while it has a whole lot of wool on it's body o.O"

a sheepie. definately not from malaysia o.O"

i didnt get much of the photos because they're at my sister's place. and i dont think she kept it anyway. so, hail to my bloody samsung phone which has 2.0 megapixel camera in it! xD

eh eh, enough photos larh. tired already, wanna get some sleep since nowadays totally not enough sleep, some more sometimes will get insomnia wtf LOL.

ciaoz` everyone *love*