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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


tsk tsk i know i havent been updating my blog ;P but life's hard nowadays. assignments keep piling up and i nearly suffocated 0_0" just had our marker rendering skill test today and i think i scored quite well ;P *boohoo* it was prolly the best i've drew *tsk tsk* xD

here's today's marker rendering piece :D all drawn with colour marker pens, and it's killing me! RAWR!

and ah! btw, i saw a chun Lamborghini that day w00tttttt! i got so obsessed with it that my babey nearly dragged me away from it xD

here's the chun Lamborghini *love*love*

super chun right? but i love it in yellow more ;P

uh huh, and i'm going to have stupid S.E.A. art and culture midterm exam tomorrow =_=" i thought we're suppose to ditch all of the theories nowadays because we are art students!!! we suck ass in memorizing thingssss! *shooks head hardly*

but hey! it's our exploration week next weekkkkk! *YAYNESS* because we're going to have some break afterall.. but still, assignments again *sighs* life is sad nowadays LOL..

enough for today's update.. gotta go bury myself into the notes and books *cries*