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Monday, June 04, 2007


when most of the people goes shopping and relaxing on their weekends, i guess i was kinda suffering throughout the whole 2 days!

so we had this assignment for our photography class, and our topic was 'Nature' anddddddd 'Architecture'. well, most of the people would go think like, 'it's just photography what, snap a few pics and thats it!'. serious shits in my life, being a photographer was never easy. it was never an easy job to snap photos like we've seen in those imagebank books or photography books. such breathe-taking shots by all those awesome photographers! full respect for em :D

so, yeah, went to shoot some stuffs, my main thingy that i wanted to shoot badly was waterfall. so hell yeah, i bugged my boyfriend who was sicked the night before the day we went for our shooting, to drive straight to batu caves and look for our expected destiny, ulu yam.

well, nik hun told me that there's this awesome lake which is beautiful and very suitable for snapping photos. eventually i passed by and took a few snaps, prolly its my skill or maybe the time is not right, the photos just came out, less contrast, flat and uninteresting colours :( expected to have an unsatisfied emotion, so we continue on our drive way ahead to ulu yam.

so there's a whole lot of signboards of 'ulu yam' and wait! there's a river w00t! so called, 'hutan lipur sungai tua' *swts*.. so we did pass by there, and it was freaking whole lot of people. crazy shits wei. i guess sabah's waterfall aint that famous as here's. bet there were around 40-50 cars parked at the road side, plus there's a few of the station for u to stop by and enjoy the waterfall. calculate urself for the people.. i aint gonna do that ;P

and u know what!? there's this couple of uncles which i categorized as 'one pro photographer old man' and a 'u shoot i follow-old man' at the waterfall site to take photographs too. i'm kinda lazy to upload my pics here as i already uploaded em at my deviantart account, here :D so if anyone who's interested to view those photos, are very welcome ^^

okays, one of ze photos :D i know it sucks.

and, screw marker rendering! i suck at it. but hey, thanks to boontiong for the special tutorial and 'MUCH THANKS' to asshole elroy for making me re-doing the marker for like, three times? screw u elroy! xD oh gosh, i wished he'll see this ;P anyone please do tell him to see this, a very special dedication to him w00t xDD