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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


okays, time to update again ;) since today's both class was cancelled, so i guess i still have time to update my blog :D

so, before i went back to sabah during last term's break, my parents came over for work+holiday and we celebrated my bro's birthday at sunway resort's sunsurf restaurant :D it was his 24th birthday, and eventually, my cousins and aunt were around to celebrate with him too! ^^ lucky him dang. ;P

so here are the photos..

some snaps of people..

my niece, mimi :D didnt really know what was she trying to do though ;D

my cute nephew aiman waiting for the cake to arrive xD

and the birthday boy trying to erm, dig into the cake? scary looking though ;D

the birthday boy trying to conduct during the birthday song *swtness*

the birthday cake :D by sunway resort though ;)

family photo! erm.. not a perfect one, my sis's not here xD

the group photo with the birthday, still boy ar? stepping into uncle range already larh xD

and i start snapping my poser nephew's photo :D he's very potential into modeling though

there he goes, first pose! *it's finger licking good!*

second snap, *look! i have pink lips!*

3rd snap, okays..i think it's some kind of trend to put ur fingers/hand into ur mouth *swt*

he's finally tired LOL xD aint he cute?

look at my bro's baby bump! w00tttttt he's about 3 months pregnant ;P

and my mum trying to expose the baby bump to everyone xD *tsk tsk there's only us in the restaurant though :D

snapping my bro with his 24/7-changing face expressions *swt* xD

prolly he's too happy that night, a lil bit crazy+sot plug xD

ah chiu with aiman :D that boy just know how to pose!

my bro's girlfriend and lil mimi! she's chubby and freaking cute! her fav quote/shout? "MOMM MOMMMM!!!" <- she can eat nonstop for a whole day *faint* really like father like daughter..
my aunt, my cousin's wifey, the kids! lol i think mimi was dancing and aiman was dreaming there xD

and lastly, me and babey.. when my hair was long :D i'm having short hair now btw ;P

okays, enough for the update. tired of uploading too many of ze photos T-T