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Thursday, May 31, 2007

new skin!

anyone like my new blog skin?

i'm very into black and white, serious shit lols. they just became my favourite colour since years back then.

i'm dang superb bored accompanying my babey playing his 'mistress' WoW now @.@" bored and doing but browsing through deviantart and blogger skins.

help me someone :(

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


okays, time to update again ;) since today's both class was cancelled, so i guess i still have time to update my blog :D

so, before i went back to sabah during last term's break, my parents came over for work+holiday and we celebrated my bro's birthday at sunway resort's sunsurf restaurant :D it was his 24th birthday, and eventually, my cousins and aunt were around to celebrate with him too! ^^ lucky him dang. ;P

so here are the photos..

some snaps of people..

my niece, mimi :D didnt really know what was she trying to do though ;D

my cute nephew aiman waiting for the cake to arrive xD

and the birthday boy trying to erm, dig into the cake? scary looking though ;D

the birthday boy trying to conduct during the birthday song *swtness*

the birthday cake :D by sunway resort though ;)

family photo! erm.. not a perfect one, my sis's not here xD

the group photo with the birthday, still boy ar? stepping into uncle range already larh xD

and i start snapping my poser nephew's photo :D he's very potential into modeling though

there he goes, first pose! *it's finger licking good!*

second snap, *look! i have pink lips!*

3rd snap, okays..i think it's some kind of trend to put ur fingers/hand into ur mouth *swt*

he's finally tired LOL xD aint he cute?

look at my bro's baby bump! w00tttttt he's about 3 months pregnant ;P

and my mum trying to expose the baby bump to everyone xD *tsk tsk there's only us in the restaurant though :D

snapping my bro with his 24/7-changing face expressions *swt* xD

prolly he's too happy that night, a lil bit crazy+sot plug xD

ah chiu with aiman :D that boy just know how to pose!

my bro's girlfriend and lil mimi! she's chubby and freaking cute! her fav quote/shout? "MOMM MOMMMM!!!" <- she can eat nonstop for a whole day *faint* really like father like daughter..
my aunt, my cousin's wifey, the kids! lol i think mimi was dancing and aiman was dreaming there xD

and lastly, me and babey.. when my hair was long :D i'm having short hair now btw ;P

okays, enough for the update. tired of uploading too many of ze photos T-T

Friday, May 18, 2007


i'm so sorry that i've abandoned this blog for like, months? oh dear..had been so busy since end of last term and i haven't got time for this! D: dang LOL!

so, where should i start upload with? erm erm, okay lets start with redang trip since that's the first thing i did after my term break holiday started ;P

so, me and my bunch of 'pig dog' friends aka classmates went to redang for our relaxing trip after our hectic schedule of last term's. so, yeah. we went on..23rd of april if i've not forgotten ;P we got on to the night bus as we have a boat to catch in the next morning, yeah. that time we were like, almost dead LOL!

okays, next is to talk everything with the photos ;P

see how early we actually reached Terengganu @.@ it's only like, 5am++ *faint*

everyone's bored waiting for the van driver to pick us to the jetty :(

the van driver dropped us around the china town of Terengganu and we got so freaking bored LOL!

a semi group photo while waiting for the boat :D

while waiting for our speed boat :D

everyone's excited in the boat :D

after about 45 minutes of sea wind, we finally reach! YAYNESS ^^

the beach *love*love*

the resort~

the boys getting excited with the ball xD

elroy and the squirting sea cucumber xD

sea cucumbers anyone? xD

we discovered some maggot-lookalike-rock, it's disgusting though, i mean the shape :D but it's special and WEIRD!

and u get to see crazy people eating trees there!

and w00t we found a Sebastian!! YAYNESS LOL!

yongyong and elroy canoing~

we found a squirrel running around the place :D

we love snakes and ladders xD everyone nearly got mad because everyone glide down from the snake LOL!

pen nee got smashed by pingpong ball and went whining all over xD

shingyi got caught in the act ;P no larh, actually she's msg-ing her mum xD

the shexy biatch dao wen who's posing in a freaking way ROFLMAO!

at night, the entertainment they had, play cards LOL. art students dont gamble! ;P

the next morning, had our breakfast, and get ready our sunblock, life jacket, snorkeling mask, off we go for snorkeling again :D

group picture at the resort ;P

off we go!!

on our way to marina jetty to snook!!

a group picture before snorkeling ;P

fishies swimming around the jetty!!

everybody's ready to snorkel!! 8D

the team! xD

our snorkeling guide ;P he likes to kacau jiyan for no reason xD the funniest thing he said to her is.. "我强你既! "

we caught a guy snorkeling with all the fishies swimming around while we're waiting for our boat though, so fun! :D

feeding ze fishies at the marina jetty :D we're waiting for our boat to come larh :)

we got a couple sleeping leaning together on the boat when we're returning to our resort though *giggle* GAYNESS ;P

everyone getting into the small boat to head back to our resort~

there's always a monkey who's shaking the bridge gahhhh D:

after the snorkeling session which everyone enjoyed, we planned to bury up my babey LOL xD and he did agree to do that ;P

so, there we go..


LOL the 3 artists aka designers of the sand pile..all from TOA okays? ;P

beng eu + babey + me xD

hey! look out for the sand dick we made and there's a TOA signature okays?! we're making tatsun proud ROFLMAO ;P

LOL babey trying to break out of the huge pile of sand xD

after all the fun, we head over to our room and clean up ourselves, and then continue to play again LOL. i was wondering why dont we feel tired or not one..

the dining place :D

the snorkeling renting place :D

the game place and karaoke room LOL.

some snap photos of our room from the outside :D

me n babey~ :3 game play with our bushman lin and penguinchan shingyi xD

the boys having their pool game...

his vegetarian maggi mee during his chessplay xD

teabreak after our games and our snorkeling!

after dinner entertainment LOL! karaoke lounge of the resort ;P

the night before we leave, our topstudent still want to eat -_-" really beh tahan him LOL!!

so the next morning, we woke up early, had our breakfast, and pack our things ready to go off the shore :(

luffychan with his fav straw hat ;P

usachan n kumachan trying to runaway LOL xD

the friendly workers there LOL xD

a big group photo before we leave with our funny snorkeling hunk ;D

on the boat back to the jetty of Terengganu. say byebye to Redang :(

In the bus (just reached Pahang) - on our way back ^^

we had really great time, and i really want to go back to redang! it's so freaking good sobs and i miss those snorkeling time :(

*tired after updating so many photos at a time @.@*