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Saturday, April 07, 2007

new updates :3

sorry that i've not been updating lately because i was busy for my assessments, assignments, projects and whatever shits :3

gonna have my breath taking holidays soon this coming end of the month *grins* and YAY we're going to Redang! *giggles* xD cant stand the pressure and stress here soon grr and we're so longing for a holiday dang!

btw, bought a new flats at Nose that day which i consider as cheap, some more quality better than vincci :P and have to pay back Lin our transportation money to redang hmpf. and w00t my comp's now in the hospital :( and i'm using my bro's labtop :( aww i miss my comp so much, because labtop's screen's small, keyboard's tight, and the graphic aint any better D:

and i cant help myself from getting addicted to dA xD incase not everyone knows whats dA, it's :D its a freaking huge art community where you can see good artworks everywhere and great artists! i've met a whole lot of them with freaking good artworks which i cant deny and it's really awesome!

went to a pub at Sri Hartamas last night with babey since it's our outgoing day :P it's something called Souled-off or whatever shit since i've forgotten xD had a couple of tequilla + strawberry magaritta which tasted so good, and had cheese naan there too! :D but dao wen told me that the cheese naan at old limkokwing tasted the best, havent try it out yet :D but gonna do someday xD

please dont mind me because it's really dark in the pub and i hardly can take any bright pictures xD and i didnt want to on my camera flash because if i did, everyone will be looking at me with weird eyesights xD

n w00t! i got my iPod shuffle last month! babey bought it as he promised to do so as my birthday pressie :P

okays, updates till here as i have to continue on my figures again :(