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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


though holidays are coming, still my headaches wont go off that easily.

sometimes you do really feel angry and frustrated when people starts to climb over your head while you're trying to help them out. people just dont really get enough eh?

its really hard when you're trying to help out your bestie but in the end they do really try to climb over your head and bringing troubles to you. well it happen to be that my bestie's staying with me, sharing a room with me, but then me and my bro accidentally found out that she made a sub-key for her so called 'flirty' or 'temporary' boyfriend (because she's still attached in a half-dangling relationship) so, we felt that, it's really rude to decide something that doesnt fully belong to you and bringing risks to other people too. some more its really really inconsiderate. i dont know how she would think if people would do it to her, as she herself too felt that its really inconsiderate and rude to do or decide things that doesnt belongs to you. she felt that before and i truly knew that. but why the hell is she doing back these things to me if she know that everyone doesnt like to feel that?

well, my parents are now planning to kick her away from the house, but, as a bestie of hers, how would i possibly tell her these? of course it would certainly affect our relationships which i always doesnt wish to. and yes, i do really treat her as a true friend and i did helped her alot before, when my parents starts to complain that the guy always came into our room (our female territory), locking up the door alone with the girl while i was away. well, in the end i did try to help her with excuses and my mum let her go. so, i dont even know how many times could i help. no idea, totally no idea. i left everything for my bro to decide as he's much elder and he's in the act of the big landlord, and he too, knows how i feel as one is my bestie, one is my parents, and other side, the safety of our house residents. it's really dangerous as someone whom we dont really know well, get to have a key of our house. isnt that dangerous? imagine the house u're living is having the risk of getting break ins and robbery. dang i wouldnt really imagine that. theres too much possibilities when you give someone unfamiliar your house keys. probably i would suggest my bro to change the house keys too. in case of anything happens..

so, yeah. its just basically rantings. i dont wish to put my hand in any of the thing that happened. i'm tired of being someone good and getting used up or being climbed over my head that easily. tired of being kind. perhaps i should change to a more evil person hmpf.