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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


finally can rest more now, as most of the hardcore assignments are temporary settled down.

n w00t! my room's aircon electric plug's melted! i was like, WTF?! how did it happened!?
it's just the 2nd night that we're using it ._. dang.

nevermind, i'll screw the repairmen tomorrow D: i mean, u never see people having their aircon main switch, plugging into a socket like a small electronics right? it's really weird i tell ya. prolly it's too hot and the whole thing melted like chocolate -_-" stupid ffffed up.

well, bought a graphic book today, and it costed me for rm110! woah i'm freaking broke now i tell ya D: but dang, i'm sooooo in wuvvv with the book!!! got superb awesome patterns n graphics in it! i think i'll go through em without sleeping tonight xD meee wuuvvv patterns! *wuv*wuv*

ahhh! not forgetting to mention, now that our room has extra two companies, mimi and liku :D two female hamsters in short xD weee they're super cute and i often take em out and play with em :D they'll crawl on ur hand and jumping onto ur bed, running around like crazee animals xD wuuuv em!