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Sunday, March 11, 2007


was in babey's house lepak-ing today.

while he was playing his WoW :D i was reading the magazines.

out of a sudden..

babey: WTF@#(@*$&(@*$ TIO WIPE AGAIN!
me: ROFLMAO sei nuub hai xD
babey: T-T

few minutes later..

babey: MIER SI OH! DIE AGAIN! @#@#&@^*#&^@($*(
me: ..... betul-betul NUUB HAI.
babey: T--------T

LMAO babey u're really superb NUUB. u gotcha new name! NUUB HAI :D

eh, btw, went to watch the '300' today! it was nice, well, for me larh. ratings would go to 8-9/10 like that :D seriously it's a BLOODY show, but it's really good! n i met baka pukwong at timesquare today xD which i didnt expected :P n w00t! babey's gonna buy me a sony mp3 for meeeee! as my birthday present. :P although its kinda late, but, okay larh. i'm gonna let u go this time :D so i guess i'll have to buy the fisheye for mysweffff. :( rm25o byebye :(