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Saturday, March 10, 2007


we had this meeting for our adv campaign on wed evening. jiyan, pennee, gladys, winnie, sabrina, nik n me. had a brainstorming meeting because we're in the rush for the whole thing and we'll be having our presentation next two weeks. so, yeah, screwed up.

while we're in the mid of the meeting, me n nik hun got into a small conversation between us and i cant recall what were we talking about, but i can remember clearly that what i did was this.

me: NIK MOHAMMAD SYAHHH!!! (yelling)
me: eh?! wait.. (thinking back what i've said)
nik: *LOL!*
me: NIK MAHMUD SYAH!! (yelling again)
nik: *laughing really hard*
me: eh.... *remains in a confused situation*
nik: *laughing like hell already*
me: eh, hun, ur name not mohammad syah nor mahmud syah ar? *blushes*
nik: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! (still laughing)
me: oh god ._." did i just shouted both of those name? *laughing at myself*
me: NIK SHAZANAAAAAA!!! *yelling for the third time* (dang! i finally got it right!)
nik: *laughes harder*
me: shut up bitch xD
nik: *still laughing at the embarrassed me* xD

in the end, we both laughed really hard because of my, urm, bad memorizing skills? LOL sorry larh hun, i've not been yelling u with ur full name for a long long time already xD in that case, i somehow mixed up the name of the sultans of malacca for no reason which i made nik laughed her ass off D: LOL! aww poor me :(