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Monday, March 26, 2007


drinks you're ADDICTED to.
- fruit juices, yoghurt drinks.

foods you're ADDICTED to.
- brinjols! stew brinjols!! (made by my mum :3)

websites you're ADDICTED to.
- deviantart :D

things you're ADDICTED to.
- pillows, blankets, any cloth material and my computer!

person you're ADDICTED to.
- mua babey :3

habits you're ADDICTED to.
- swearing :P

TV channels you're ADDICTED to.
- animal planet, discovery channel, national geographic <3

serials you're ADDICTED to.
- CSI!! the O.C.~

supermarket you're ADDICTED to.
- giant :D

work you're ADDICTED to.
- arts&designs!

colors you're ADDICTED to.
- white, black, purple, sea green, gold, silver, copper.

place you're ADDICTED to.
- my computer room & my bedroom.

movies you're ADDICTED to.
- 300, LOTR & any movies related to StephenChow :P

music you're ADDICTED to.
- sentimentals!

celebs you're ADDICTED to.
- daniel wu, andy lau, stephen chow :D

bands you're ADDICTED to.
- backstreetboys (older days), all4one, KC&Jojo, spicegirls, m2m :D

singers you're ADDICTED to.
- joey mcintyre, yuna ito, reira, ai otsuka, utada hikaru, mariah carey, whitney houston, david tao, sunyanzi, sammi cheng, eason, fish leong.

songs you're ADDICTED to.
- pure eyes by yuna ito, daisuki dayo by ai otsuka, it's not that i dont understand by fishleong, confess by elva, sensitive by rainie :D & 1000words by FFX.

brands you're ADDICTED to.
- topshop, colours, nose, message, island.

tell something you really like?
- my bed! n mua babey of course, holidays, nature! :3

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Will be away for a couple of weeks since it's really busy for my college assignments as it's almost the end of this term, after that would go for Redang trip with classmates n babey + going back to hometown.

Sorry for not updating but will try to do so whenever i'm free :D

ciao`z! gonna mish ya guys!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


was in the mid of my typo project and yonhui starting to nudge me n msg me non-stop! there, have to chat with him since i've been mishing him badly :D

yonhui: u're having ur presentation tomorrow? good luck then.
me: oh yeah, gonna get screwed by my lecturer since he's super duper mega fussy ghey guy D:
yonhui: then give him a super dwuper hard swap!
me: ah wait! i think i'll ask yvonne to use her gigantic boobs to swap him! xD
yonhui: OMG!! is that a death sentence?!
me: *laughes evil-ly* doesnt it seems like? *grins evil-ly*
yonhui: u're one cruel momma!!!
me: xDDD

LOL and then, yonhui starts to hush me to go do my work D: dang u yonhui! dang u!! xD

yonhui: better go do your work! or else i'll ask yvonne to punish u!
me: woah?!?! nuu wayyyy. the swapping's for my lecturer larh.
yonhui: then u'll get to see her in ur dreams, her riding on a panther, chasing after u!
me: OMGWTFBBQ?!?! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! *shaking my head vigorously*
yonhui: *laughes evil-ly*
me: T-T
yonhui: OKAYS! go do ur work now!!!
me: ywesss swirrrr! T-T

see how mean is he? he's really mean i tell ya xD

*tsk tsk, only people from CD061-2 know the power of yvonne!! xD let's keep it as a secret nyiahahaha :P

Sunday, March 11, 2007


was in babey's house lepak-ing today.

while he was playing his WoW :D i was reading the magazines.

out of a sudden..

babey: WTF@#(@*$&(@*$ TIO WIPE AGAIN!
me: ROFLMAO sei nuub hai xD
babey: T-T

few minutes later..

babey: MIER SI OH! DIE AGAIN! @#@#&@^*#&^@($*(
me: ..... betul-betul NUUB HAI.
babey: T--------T

LMAO babey u're really superb NUUB. u gotcha new name! NUUB HAI :D

eh, btw, went to watch the '300' today! it was nice, well, for me larh. ratings would go to 8-9/10 like that :D seriously it's a BLOODY show, but it's really good! n i met baka pukwong at timesquare today xD which i didnt expected :P n w00t! babey's gonna buy me a sony mp3 for meeeee! as my birthday present. :P although its kinda late, but, okay larh. i'm gonna let u go this time :D so i guess i'll have to buy the fisheye for mysweffff. :( rm25o byebye :(

Saturday, March 10, 2007


we had this meeting for our adv campaign on wed evening. jiyan, pennee, gladys, winnie, sabrina, nik n me. had a brainstorming meeting because we're in the rush for the whole thing and we'll be having our presentation next two weeks. so, yeah, screwed up.

while we're in the mid of the meeting, me n nik hun got into a small conversation between us and i cant recall what were we talking about, but i can remember clearly that what i did was this.

me: NIK MOHAMMAD SYAHHH!!! (yelling)
me: eh?! wait.. (thinking back what i've said)
nik: *LOL!*
me: NIK MAHMUD SYAH!! (yelling again)
nik: *laughing really hard*
me: eh.... *remains in a confused situation*
nik: *laughing like hell already*
me: eh, hun, ur name not mohammad syah nor mahmud syah ar? *blushes*
nik: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! (still laughing)
me: oh god ._." did i just shouted both of those name? *laughing at myself*
me: NIK SHAZANAAAAAA!!! *yelling for the third time* (dang! i finally got it right!)
nik: *laughes harder*
me: shut up bitch xD
nik: *still laughing at the embarrassed me* xD

in the end, we both laughed really hard because of my, urm, bad memorizing skills? LOL sorry larh hun, i've not been yelling u with ur full name for a long long time already xD in that case, i somehow mixed up the name of the sultans of malacca for no reason which i made nik laughed her ass off D: LOL! aww poor me :(

Friday, March 09, 2007


发觉到原来 Tony 好蠢哦~ muahahaha :P

谁得空的话, 去看看他的 Blog [] 里的 “我是言承旭”。。

真的好好笑哦! xD

我看了过后都一直在笑, 去到学校要好好笑他一番,爽!

Tony 从现在起, 会是我心中的头一号笨蛋 :P

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


did i forget to mention that me and nik hun ordered cuppacakes last week?

nice? it's our fav cuppacakes from Wondermilk aka Cuppacakes Wonderland or whatsoever :P it's the Valentine's theme and they were on for the whole month of Feb! superb awesome right? luckily we get to order em because the order deadline was on 28th and they were fully booked til 26th *phews* it was good, because we ordered vanilla flavour! sweet and nice :D but kinda oily i say, prolly it's because of the all the icing on top :D

RIP OFF artists :P

eh my parents came over last thursday and sadly, went back on sunday morning :( had a lil shopping with mummy dearest while dad's being busy with his work :D opps we're being nasty to ditch him xD but yeah, was kinda busy for my assigns last weekend, so sorry mum! didnt get to accompany u for the whole day, so, SCREW THE ASSIGNMENTS! especially figures who's pulling me off D: gahhh.

went over to grandpa's place for our early chap goh mei dinner, as i mentioned that they're going back on sunday morning :( mummy invited babey to go over for dinner too! which made him kinda nervous about it, in the mean time, prolly happy xD

we had lots of fuuudddd! mummy's cooking rocks i tell ya!

overall of the fuuddss!

fav taufuuuu!! *drools*

my love of my life! brinjollllll!!

it's chickiieee!! LOL not really my fav though :D

2 fishiessss! one fried, one steamed :P ahh n a fried cabbage on the bottom right corner :P

grandpaa :D with my babey, bro n meh at the back as background LMAO xD

the 'lou sang'. didnt really like it though :( it's still not as nice as Hoi Ngoi Tin's one *bleh*

yeah, had a really FULL dinner! was stuffed by the fuuds LOL :D went back around at 10pm and was deadly tired D: because was cleaning the house and having people fixing the aircon for the whole day, some more rushing the assignments, dang. i sometimes think i'm an iron lady LOL! doing a whole lot of things in the same time xD

eh! and mummy dearest bought a hamster for me! i called her Mimi (shortform from Miharu) :D meet the cutiepie!

lol it's hard to snap a photo of her because she's always sleeping or running around. i got her in the act while she's awake for fuud! xD midnight of course. dang, rodens do move around only at night eh? she always sleeps in the morning thats why it's hard to get her freaking photo xD

mimi's nest or den or housie or whatsoever :D huge eh? she can run around into the tubes, the house, the wheel or even upstairs or downstairs :D

LOL her sneaking out of the house! xD gotcha!

okays, enough for the day :D


finally can rest more now, as most of the hardcore assignments are temporary settled down.

n w00t! my room's aircon electric plug's melted! i was like, WTF?! how did it happened!?
it's just the 2nd night that we're using it ._. dang.

nevermind, i'll screw the repairmen tomorrow D: i mean, u never see people having their aircon main switch, plugging into a socket like a small electronics right? it's really weird i tell ya. prolly it's too hot and the whole thing melted like chocolate -_-" stupid ffffed up.

well, bought a graphic book today, and it costed me for rm110! woah i'm freaking broke now i tell ya D: but dang, i'm sooooo in wuvvv with the book!!! got superb awesome patterns n graphics in it! i think i'll go through em without sleeping tonight xD meee wuuvvv patterns! *wuv*wuv*

ahhh! not forgetting to mention, now that our room has extra two companies, mimi and liku :D two female hamsters in short xD weee they're super cute and i often take em out and play with em :D they'll crawl on ur hand and jumping onto ur bed, running around like crazee animals xD wuuuv em!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


i'm now 3/4 dead, just thoroughly finished up the ffffing packaging design. nearly screwed myself to death and i think i was thinking of burning the whole thing down! D: see how frustrated am i.

and WAIT!

i havent take my warm and relaxing bath,
at THIS time.


i'm ffffed up. sorry for the cursings D:

i hell care anything about the packaging design thingy now, i have an important date with my bed.