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Thursday, February 15, 2007

random valentine

LOL guess everyone's enjoying or passing their valentine's with their own way. what i did was quite random LOL xD actually we did plan for our day but then it turn out our fav restaurant was fully booked, so we went random :D

was out for the whole morning, had a brief meeting for our project n became slacky in bed for the whole evening. my babey was sleeping too sweetly so i wouldnt even dare to wake him up xD *eventually i did afterall xD he was just too cute to be disturbed!!* bleh :P

we got ourselves up, went making ourselves look nice, n off we go! we were, urm, off to, BLARDY TRAFFIC JAM? yay ._." we caught ourselves in a traffic jam, how sweet LOL. *speechless*

oh well, prolly we reached OU at 7 plus, was thinking about having Chili's for our dinner, uh huh, we did except the long queue though >_> ROFLMAO. it was way too long so we headed to the restaurant next door, the vietnamese restaurant.

HEY! the food there not bad yeah, just that its NON-HALAL ._. *serves porku*
continue on da food. we ordered a few dishes because we were DEAD hungry, yes. DEAD hungry. so here's da dishes!

okays. our mango seafood salad. was a good appetizer seriously. sweet & sour baybeh! love it!

spicy taofu. not bad eh?

butter prawns! my fav!! but this taste different. differently good :D

urm. leftover spring chicken. this is the best i should say, BEST! xD *slurps*

oh yeah, forgot about the random shots xD

my babey!! lol is this the 3rd valentine's we're having? *smooches real hard* :P

a random shot of the shop environment. not bad eh? love the lights, so vietnam-ish.

me n mua babey acting a 'random' face :D we got it the same one though xD

okays ._. finally my babey's the one who's holding the camera :D 'randomly' shot my face in ze car. dang. he caught me doing stupid face while i was talking to him! *kicks the pillow* he's gonna get it alright *evil grins*

okays, thats all for the day. going back to my hometown in another 6 more hours :P blog would be quite dead until i get back here :D or prolly i would update em if i'm free at my hometown :D