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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blardy sunday!

04 of February, 2007. Bad luck day D: was doing my figures assignment for the whole morning til evening, n YAY! finally finished it at around 4pm+. was kinda lazy to do em so i kinda, sketch over it xDD didnt put in much effort :P i'm bad alright. so, my housemate kinda like, suggest that we should go out for dinner, n i was fine for that, since i wanted to take a walk out there after such stress in drawing, so we thought that we could have some sushis & sashimis :P yeah, so we afterall decided to go for my fav Japanese food restaurant, Zen :D

of course we'll not be going there so early, so i went to snatch my babey's WoW account xD i kinda fell in love with the new expansion version with new races Blood Elf & Draenei xD blood elf is superb chun kays? *love love* it's such a wonderful thing to do after loads of assignment n stuffs, u know, u know..
(omg i copied that from our darn ex-figures lecturer Leo!)

ehem, we got occupied by our own computers until around 6pm, n we started to get ready for our outing. when we were trying to call a cab through phone, they eventually told us that, there's NO CAB to come n pick us up! we're like, w00ttttttt! NO CAB! oh dang, we have to walk PIFS. imagine u wear nice clothes n so, ready to have nice dinner n enjoy ur night, but u have to walk before that! oh great. D:

well, okays, we kinda get over it since its both of us n we have company to walk with. but in the mid of the journey, yay, we had another great thing coming by. RAIN!!! both of us were in nice clothes n we have no umbrellas in our hand! gahhh.. we had to walk as fast as we could to reach our destiny on HIGH HEELS. what a day. luckily God's lied his merciful hands on us, it was only drizzling abit by the time we reached there. Thank God D:

so we were dang hungry, we didnt even think about anything, straight go up to the escalator, reached Zen. while we were being served, sat down n browsing through the menus, opps. i suddenly recall that, WE BOTH DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY D: really roflmao on ourselves larh. sad, real sad T-T but luckily my housemate brought her emergency-use-credit-card given by her mother, we were like, PHEW~ actually we were supposed to get our money from the ATM, only we'll head over to the restaurant, but too bad we forgot all about that, just because we ran over n wanted to find some place to sit down n rest. LOL.

everything seems to be solved n we finally felt relaxed n started to decide what to eat :P oh well, these are the fuuds we ordered, eventually we're already dead hungry LOL.

My fav set *drools* Unagi to sashimi set~

Nanako's choice! Chasoba~

Our sushiiiiiiissssss~~ (in the mid of my blogging, browsing through these pictures make me hungry. stomach opening concert already larh, dang dang.)

Lastly, satu SS from SS queen nanako xD

okays gao dim. xD

LOL we then later, went to Giant to shop for our dry goods? xD those that u store at home n eat, rawrhahahaha xP

okays, enough for today. got to continue on my stupid production thingy that i have to pass up, like, later 1pm D: screw the lecturer! xD