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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Heh it was my big day yesterday, had my 19th birthday, n oh god! i left one year to the 20's! oh dang, if i stepped in the 20's, i would be urm, kinda old? gahh age is such an issue to females D:

oh well, thanks to everyone for the wishes and blessings, was superb touched by everyone and had a great day by that :D muahss! i love yew all!! heh :P

uh-huh! so i do get a lot of pressies from family, friends and so :) there, here's the view of the pressies~

this is the first pressie i got! from mummy dearest of course :D it's a limited edition Christian Dior, urm, how do u call that, a.. look-like-a-watch-lipstick-bracelet? LOL i dont know how do they call it xD it's a portable+convenient lipstick bracelet where u can carry anywhere without a pouch or bag or whatsoever :D super convenient! especially during dinners, u dont feel like carrying a pouch or what, just wear this n u're fully equiped! xD

ahem. the 2nd pressie, from my siblings :D a minnie mouse keyboard! super lovely n i had been longing for it though xD so i was superb happy to get it :P

3rd one~ from ah chiu, xing & ah tan :D love ya guys! u guys knew i love cats heh~ muahssss~
p/s: its a cat sling bag n a small lil pouch :P

this one is from my darling kaiyien who's currently located at UK now. dang she mailed it over on 15th of this month! it's like she prepared it superb early..super sweet of her *sobs* i'm so touched, love her as always!

uh huh! pressie from my dear nanako :D lol it's a rosy ring + miss selfridge's sexy&cute undie xD lol i felt kinky about it though :P

overall view of the pressies heh :P

as for the night, went for our fav restaurant Zen, again xD
*tsk tsk sorry larh nik hun, i really loveeee sushis :P

some pictures from there too :D

me and dearie nanako

me and mua babey
*tsk he's fooling around :P naughty!

me digging into da fuuds!


heh enough for the day :D will upload the ones back at my hometown soon xD

btw, was kinda sick for these few days, i wonder who made me sneezing + coughing dang. curse the viruses!!