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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


lol. another new skin :P i like this very much so i guess i wont be changing it for quite some time :D yay to da new skin! love it<33333

well, was lying on the bed for the whole day yesterday, after drinking the cough syrup of course. makes both my hands n legs so soft n i'm not able to carry my own. n what LOVELY sms i got last night. first was our "cutiepie" usagi jiyan.

usagi: baka, are u dead yet?
neko: almost.
n den we continue to chat through SMS while i'm lying on the bed like a corpse.

see how lovely is our usagi? first thing ask the neko is 'r u dead yet' xDD
*hides in a corner n cry* LOL LOL

2nd one. our scary bear kuma pen nee. received her sms EARLY EARLY this morning.

kuma: neko, dead d anot. LOL take k larh c ya later! no moral class YAY!
neko: *sleeping mode* ................

eventually i got so happy because there's no moral class today! yippieee~~ ^^
lol our kuma also not bad larh, first thing ask me die already or not LOL xDD this pair of animals sure made my day! ROFLMAO :P

n ya know wat? i'm recovering from my the dang viruses! lol yayy i can jump n run now xD

will be going to class later :P

see ya guys soon!