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Friday, January 05, 2007


lol just got back from mua lovely hometown, Sabah last night. and not forgetting to give thanks to Airasia, for delaying our flight for at least 2 hours. OH DANG! *pifs* luckily i met mua primary school headmaster (retired 2 years ago) and i have a company to talk with. met shasha too lol. oh well, what i did was sitting inside the boarding place and wait for the stupid airplane to come from KL (supposingly we're on the plane and prepare to fly already, but the plane is still over at KL, just wanted to come over, w00t!!)

i'm not saying that Airasia's not good, because i've hardly encounter such long delay time previously. (MAS ever once delayed me like, more than 4 hours ya know, damn bad impression on em.) well, its my kinda first time though, hope it wont happen again gahhhhh D:

back here at sunway again! and time to rock and roll xD in front of mua comp of course, dont get too far heh *grins* well, i mish jade and meeko and mua sis and mua mum and dad, should say, i missed everyone! including baka tan, funny xing, sing yee and lim wun hong.. gahhh but i'll get back soon, REAL SOON! heh, in one more month time larh :P

awww but poor babey, i'll have to leave u for Chinese New Year again :( he got really bored for the past one month and now he's back on track again xD poor babey. i'll promise to love you more and smooch you more babe xD to cover up all the empty time that i left you heh :P

ahh!! college's reopening next week! oh dang, me and nik hun seems like, WE'RE SO NU-UH FOR DA ASSIGNS! oh man, we're going to die badly, real baddddd xD say your prayers hun!!


nikiee said...

im not gonna do my assignments!
ive only done like 1!
eee. are we still going to be in the same class?

Catty said...

LOL! same here, i've like, done none xDD so yeah, we're gonna get screwed xD hmmm..i think so hun? i'm not sure abt the new things yet :(( i havent go get mua timetable!! dang.