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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


life's getting busy and assignments are currently piling up again. oh yeah, the typical culture of The One Academy xD lol.

heh, last Friday, went to One Utama with mua babey, had dinner at Chilli's, and dang! that night was pretty packed, we were forced to choose zee 'smoking area' because if we were to wait for the non-smoking ones, its about 20 minutes to half and hour. woah! we're pretty hungry and we wouldnt want to wait, yeah, so the only choice was to go for the smoking area. oh man, i hate that smell, seriously that's going to affect my health badly D: 2nd smoke is badddddd xD

uh-huh, and then we went for movies, n w00t! we've tried out the Gold Class cinema for once at GSC and it kinda rock. LMAO xD i mean, hey! the ticket costs about rm40 per person yaw. aint that rocking enough? LOL!! we just got into the mood so we tried it out (dont blame us for our stupidity :P)

eh, seriously, the sofa's big n comfortable n u can have your legs up, lying down as if you're at home xD dang comfortable lol! well, before u're going into the cinema, there's a waiting lounge for u to order your food n drinks, even blankets :P hey, we didnt expect the cinema to be THAT cold, erm, should use the word "Freezing"! T-T i bet they switched on the aircon in full power LMAO xD to make people renting blankets from em. it cost us rm5 for each blanket yaw. not cheap at all @.@ next time we should bring our own blankets LOL.

see mua babey with the blanket? its not ordinary blanket, it looks thin but its super good in keeping you warm xD real comfortable eh!

eventually, we watched "Pathfinder" and mua babey found it quite boring. well, its a bit thrilling for me - some part, hmm, its around the 5-7/10 ratings. so-so movie lol. yeah, so that was what i did for ze last weekend. normal daily stuffs @.@"

oh yeah! currently nanako got a new plush doll and its a sotong! well, we named it "Kukutong" xD *ahem*ahem* :P we didnt name it just because we have real naughty thinkings but it does look cute and funny u know xD imma post the picha up first.

see? tada~ here comes Kukutong xD super cute right? we now like to punch n play gusti with it xD super cute sotong :P

ahh guess that's enough babbling. imma continue on Rico da super mega fussy + naggy + babbler advertising design's head + our dang long-winded typography lecturer's assign. tracing stupid fonts. DANG. screw u rico! screw yew! cant stand him much longer because u'll never get to see a guy who's so critical n fussy n acts like a sissy gay daddy. opps, did i just say that? xD