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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's been quite some time that I havent update my blog. So, there. I'm all free today and it's time to update it *nyiahahahaha~*

Well, last friday was our holidays again (btw, we have holidays every fri :P no class! xD) and me and my group of people for the advertising principles client thingy (jiyan, nik hun, pennee, sabrina, gladys n mua) went to One U to meet up our client, Bakerzin! we get to meet up with the PL Consultancy, Mr. Jeremy Mayor for the interviews and so. our assignment was to get a client (any client that exists in M'sia) n to get their backgrounds n do a few advertisement for em. LOL eventually jiyan came n pick me up from my house n we went to Pyramid to meet up with sabrina n gladys. we then later took a taxi to One U. well, we met a fcked up taxi driver but am not going to say it anymore. it only triggers my anger whenever i talk about him dang! gahhhhh D:

so, we reached One U and we went over to Bakerzin straight to get our mouth filled with cakes! nyiahahaha everyone's been thinking of it the night before already xD so, dont blame us! yeah, while we're waiting for mr.jeremy to come, we had our cake feast!!

mua favourite strawberry shortcake!! seriously, i will order this without any doubt or thoughts xD it's the best selling cake in Bakerzin i tell ya, n it's super friggin good!!

jiyan's choice *love* i forgot what's the name already but it's good too! there's walnuts under n inside the cake *drools*

sabrina's choice! it's a chocolate moose cake n it's super good!

pennee's choice LOL. its good but the bottom part is hard, n pennee who's with braces cant eat! ROFLMAO xDD poor pennee..

while this is nik hun's fav - Sweet Pleasure. it's the 2nd best selling cake at Bakerzin, n its good! but for me its kinda too sweet because i dont really love things that's real sweet :D but oh well, it's still good though! love the crunchy part xD

n wait! forgot to take gladys's choice - Chocolate Amer. well, we just get to know that some of bakerzin's cake doesnt consist flour! n that is why its so good LOL. good quality n their products can only compare with the 5 star hotels' dessert. so, now u know why it taste so delicious LOL. totally no compare to Secret Recipe or whatsoever, because its unfair to em lol. oh well, mr.jeremy reached at 2:30 - which is the time we've promised on the phone :D we get to ask him alot of things n we really appreciate his support n help. he gave us a lot of tips n ideas on how to do the ads, as he's actually a Creative Director of Maliquest company, which is an advertising company! woah! we're kinda shocked when he introduced himself n gave us the namecard LOL. but, oh well, he's friendly n kind, willingly to help us in our assignments :D zillion thanks to him! he even promised to send us the brochures n flyers that they made previously, about the history or backgrounds n so - which he did after about an hour! efficient work!

after the interview n everything, we were planning to get along with our things, so while we're trying to pay the bills, the staffs there actually told us that, they paid for everything we ate! we're like, w00t!! for free?!?! we ate around 6 pieces of cake + 2 take aways + 3 glasses of drinks.. we're shocked n felt bad about it though. since we need their help for the assigns n now they're paying our bills! awww, so after that..i've sent quite a long SMS to jeremy to thanks him for everything. really 'paiseh' larh! so, yeah, we will try our best to create a creative advertisement for Bakerzin! work harder girls!! LOL.

n yeah! i've painted my own nails that day, because my bloody computer broke down again. i cant even switch it on - for no reason. so i asked my bro to get it fix while i do other things, waiting my comp to get fixed so i can continue on mua assignments dang!

there! my new nails!

love em! :D

okays~ enough for the updates! oh, btw, i'm currently active in my deviantart! got addicted to photomanipulations n i'm so into it now! check em out n leave some comments yaw ^^ gimme some comments so i could really improve :D



penn said...

sui poh,take away the cake summore,hate u!!!!arghh!!@@#$%^^

penn said...

argh!!@!$#%#^ hate u!!!! y u take away!!!@#@$#%

Catty said...

rawrhahahahaha nei cui ar :P