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Friday, December 29, 2006

tatas xD

its already 29th of December, 2006. and yeah, have to say goodbye to 2006 and welcome the brand new 2007 yaw. hmmm, had a great year though, enjoying mua new college life, staying without parents and so xD its kinda fresh for me u know, cause i've been living with my parents for like, past 17 years heh :P

heh since the new 2007 is going to start off, bet i'll have to plan some of my new routine and so, and u know what? i havent do any of my holidays assignment, n i think i'm gonna get screwed xD 10 of em, and i did like, NONE, damn. n yeah, my babey scolded me for that T-T n he somehow grounded me too! dang. he aint gonna bring me anywhere once i get back n he asked me to finish mua assigns! noooooooooooooooooooooo!! D:

n LOL. imma going back to mua 2nd home located at KL next week, yeah, NEXT week :D missed there lots, mua babey, mua friends and so. n nik hun! BAKERZIN TIME YAWWWW!! heh guess its enough for the blog today :P have to wake up early tomorrow to go for mua hairdo *grins* mommy is spending on me! YAYYYY xD adios` everyone *loves*smooches everyone on the cheek*