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Friday, December 29, 2006

gahhhh D:

currently all of us are having the same internet problem. thanks to my friend who told me about the proxy thing so that i could managed to get online, at least on websites, (not games of course T-T) gahhhh D: and MSN is totally down since it needs a whole lot of space to get em online T-T i manage to chat through googlemail though :P a friend taught me how to ^^

prolly its time to get myself a life besides the comp D: btw, i'll be going back to my sunway home next thurs. ahhh then i'll get to play comp without worrying my dad would be nagging at me xD awww how evil of me *grins*

gluck everyone (on surfing the net xD) and its a disaster out there :( please bring yourself to safety wherever you guys go. God Bless :)