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Friday, December 29, 2006

tatas xD

its already 29th of December, 2006. and yeah, have to say goodbye to 2006 and welcome the brand new 2007 yaw. hmmm, had a great year though, enjoying mua new college life, staying without parents and so xD its kinda fresh for me u know, cause i've been living with my parents for like, past 17 years heh :P

heh since the new 2007 is going to start off, bet i'll have to plan some of my new routine and so, and u know what? i havent do any of my holidays assignment, n i think i'm gonna get screwed xD 10 of em, and i did like, NONE, damn. n yeah, my babey scolded me for that T-T n he somehow grounded me too! dang. he aint gonna bring me anywhere once i get back n he asked me to finish mua assigns! noooooooooooooooooooooo!! D:

n LOL. imma going back to mua 2nd home located at KL next week, yeah, NEXT week :D missed there lots, mua babey, mua friends and so. n nik hun! BAKERZIN TIME YAWWWW!! heh guess its enough for the blog today :P have to wake up early tomorrow to go for mua hairdo *grins* mommy is spending on me! YAYYYY xD adios` everyone *loves*smooches everyone on the cheek*

gahhhh D:

currently all of us are having the same internet problem. thanks to my friend who told me about the proxy thing so that i could managed to get online, at least on websites, (not games of course T-T) gahhhh D: and MSN is totally down since it needs a whole lot of space to get em online T-T i manage to chat through googlemail though :P a friend taught me how to ^^

prolly its time to get myself a life besides the comp D: btw, i'll be going back to my sunway home next thurs. ahhh then i'll get to play comp without worrying my dad would be nagging at me xD awww how evil of me *grins*

gluck everyone (on surfing the net xD) and its a disaster out there :( please bring yourself to safety wherever you guys go. God Bless :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


yes! its time to update mua blog since i havent been updating my boring blog and it seems so bloody dead D: gahh!! (sorry because i was having a hardcore working time - rushing designing tickets and books :(( i dont mean to throw my blog aside ya know D: sobs)

okays, well, i previously went on a 3 days 2 night trip to Kundasang and Kudat with my dad's client whom came from KL. he did came previously, for a few times and he loveeee the food here. (its not really that weird because Sabah is quite famous with their cheap and good food :D - especially seafoods *love*love*) he brought over his family for holidays and my dad became the tour guide and brought them to a whole lot of places :D we even went for a sunset cruise on the day they arrived xD

pictures from the sunset cruise *drools*

the beautiful sunset at the Jetty (before taking off :D yayy i'm super duper high)

the aeroplane taking off from airport goes awesome with the background.

Mum, Xing n mua on board + nice sea + sky.

me and mua sis/my mum on board at night xD the background is Anjung Senja or whatever shit :x

me + sis + xing + tan *love*love* on board and at the entrance of Jetty xD i like the door, its so classic lol.

okays, enough about the cruise though :P after that, i have to actually accompany my parents to bring them and have fun at Kundasang and Kudat D: that makes me stay away from mua comp! xD sad yeah? :(

but oh well, the trip was quite fun as i haven't visit those places for quite some time heh :P we reached Kudat for the first day and we went to Kulambu Beach nearby the Tip of Borneo and have fun in the evening *love* (i love the beach, seriously)

me with da sea. awesome scene behind *drools* btw, i was holding a crabbie on my hand, too bad that u cant see me because its freaking dark xD

after having lots of fun on the sand, we went straight to Tip of Borneo. we enjoyed our sunset there and it was really freaking nice.

see? Kudat's awesome sunset at Tip of Borneo. i love the skies colour so muchhh.

Tip of Borneo + the couple from KL.

Sometimes, i wonder what did God used, to create such wonderful things.

The next day, we packed our things and we headed for Kundasang. its only a one night stay at every place so eventually, we're quite tired xD

We went for Hot spring and they took a hot bath there, we even bought our own cooking ingredients like, chicken, crabs and prawns LOL. really enjoyed the dinner because i freaking like the crabs xD they have huge snappers yaw.

dinner for the night. (yayyyyy! crabbieeee)

the next morning, i woke up early and guess what i saw?

hey! i cant see anything down there xD its super foggy and cold up there. and yeah, i like the weather there. u just feel like, ur up on top of the clouds :D ahhh guess i really had fun and stuffs, imma gonna update my blog soon, with more pics of course.

i better go get some sleep since its already 1am! gotta work tomorrow dang. n w00t! i havent start doing mua assignments!! gahhhhhhhh D:

Monday, December 25, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone~
hope ya guys enjoy ur holidays and festivals.
imma update my blog soon :P real soon :P
love love.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


yayyy mua private server RO is back!! rock and roll time babeyyyy *in superb high mode* xD

anyone who's interested to play with people around US, come join us at :) people there are super friendly and nice w00t. GMs is evil but nice xD

time for me to rock and roll with mua yakz babey n goatee zatzai yaw. *loves*loves*

Sunday, December 03, 2006


yerr i'm friggin broke larh! lol it all happened this morning as my sis woke me up and asked me to accompany her to go redeem some money-worth voucher at Parkson Grand lol. so we went and eventually, we only got like around rm40 of voucher. somehow my sis came out with an evil plan that she wants to buy the perfume 'Delicious' from DKNY. w00tttt..dang! i love that perfume too lol. (well, she said there's an best buy going on, so, yeah, we went.)

somehow it's kinda worth it because their offer is like, Rm300+ for a regular size of 'Red Delicious' for women (the new version of Delicious) and a regular size of 'Red Delicious' for men. they even have this red pouch (apple shape with glittering scales sew on) and a dark red key chain. the keychain was really nice though ;)

but then we wont wanna to have that men version of red delicious right? so, somehow the salesgirl there let us to exchange the men delicious for a women version of green delicious (omg thats so friggin nice lol) - somemore the salesgirl is going to give out a miniature size (limited edition) of either the red or green delicious :D woah~ really best buy LOL! so me n my sis wanted to share half xD (she's taking the green delicious with the red lil pouch while i take the red delicious n the miniature green delicious - deal!)

yerrr but then the salesgirl said since it's a best buy, she cant let us redeem the vouchers (w00ttt, not fair :( sobs sobs) so she had this another idea that, we can take like, one large size of green delicious, another regular size of green delicious, n she'll be giving out 2 miniature red delicious..oh well, somehow it's almost the same price but i took the regular one since my sis is richer than me ROFLMAO xD

so yeah! i'm friggin broke nowwww sobss T-T but i love that perfume like, a whole lot! n yay!! i finally got it (with consequences of course T-T) haha so tomorrow's monday, and I HATE MONDAY! *prays* hope there's no Monday xD LOL because i have to go to my dad's office and work..yerrrr! T-T my dad's going to throw loads of stuffs for me to do again, dang. T-T i wanna stay home and be slacky LOL xD

AHHH! i forgot to mention that i met xiaoyun at parkson grand today.. so happy to see her muahahahhaas. *love* nights everyone!

p/s: my fat cat is sleeping between my legs now because i'm putting my legs on top of my chair, yerr and my leg got so cramped! i can't move!!!

Funny + Hilarious advertisement!

LOL. after seeing this advertisement, i actually laughed over and over and this advertisement is gooooodddd!! *thumbs up*

n they're having rumours that it's banned. but i have no idea why is it ban though ;( but oh well, i wanna share it to everyone i know, so, yeah! watch it!! :D

Friday, December 01, 2006


aww dang. i've just reached my hometown like last night, and now i'm starting to miss everything over that side T-T i miss mua babey, i miss my blardy beauutiful comp T-T i miss everyone there T-T *sobs*sobs*

*sigh* how i wish i can be in two diff places in one time. or how i wish i could have warping skills lol :(

ahhh btw, Jade is being nasty this morning. she bit my ears n tickled me till i got to wake up. LOL she's friggin naughty since last night she saw me coming back grrrr. bad doggie!