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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vendetta RO memories

[ Special Credits to SnowlandSinX ]

Okay it all started when i was so introduced by my nephew about VendettaRO. as a gamer, yes i would love to try out private servers of RO as i was a loyal fans of RO, dang! so, yeah, i knew a number of friends overseas (yeah, we all came from diff countries n this rocks!)

So, after a while, we've been through quite some time and a number of things, the GM (game master) decided to restart this whole new server with a new name, new rate, new stuffs. Since this server is gonna get wipe (deleted), we submitted a number of screenshots (pictures taken inside the game) to one of our friend here, Snowland :D

And billions n zillions of thanks to him for making this video, so everyone can have a sweet memory in vRO, ahh and snow, remember to upload the video clip in rapidshare so we can download it and keep it nicely yayyy. it's super sweet of you to make this video clip and everyone's so glad about it heh!!

and lastly, VRO ROCKS! i love mua babe yakz, my friendssss, my nasty nephew goatee, ahh n even da 2 evil gms, Para n Hokage yaw! i'll see you guys in da new server muahhssss!