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Thursday, November 02, 2006


finally finished our culture project and yeah, hip hip hurray!! xD but we still have time to add in more stuffs, i think. :P

tomorrow night will be going for candle light dinner with my babey <3>

without knowing the time passes that fast, i'm together with him for 2 years time. it's my longest relationship i've ever been into and i surely 200% appreciate what he have did for me, and i truly enjoyed the time i had been with him. still that lovey dovey since day 1, never change the love for him. no regret knowing him at first and never regret getting together with him for this long. somehow i never love someone for this long and it's a lil bit unbelievable for myself :P

hope to continue our love no matter how long it's gonna be. aww i love him so much <3>=D


Sharon@Yan said...

congratulations =)
all the best to both of u!

Catty said...

thankiews my dear <3 n i hope i get to see u tonight!! muahahaha n den i'll give u thousand n billions of kisses n huggies <3 muackx~